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stern TV with the “hot seat”: RTL “grills” Dresden lateral thinker Marcus Fuchs

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“stern TV” with moderators Frauke Ludowig and Nikolaus Blome: A leading Dresden lateral thinker sits in the “hot seat” – Marcus Fuchs. Cologne – “stern TV” on Sunday evening, among other things, with the moderators Frauke Ludowig (58) and Nicholas Blome (58): A leading Dresden lateral thinker sits in front of the two on the “hot seat” – Marcus Fuchs (36). “stern TV” on Sunday evening on RTL, moderated by Frauke Ludowig (58) and Nikolaus Blome (58). © RTL / Andreas Friese Still has Anne Will (55) Winter break – RTL grabs the obligatory “talk space” on Sunday and comes with the “hot seat”. Frauke Ludowig and Nikolaus Blome present their question and answer session on “stern TV” – and it comes with the (old ) “hot seat” back. Marcus Fox is the head of”Lateral thinker movement in Dresden“. When he sees the discussion format again, he should sit on the famous chair, “represent his position and let the questioner grill him,” according to RTL.

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One theme of the show is the increasing division in society corona or the vaccination debate. The Dresden “lateral thinker scene” regularly calls for protests. © Steffen Füssel In the broadcast announcement, the topics “price explosion” – mainly due to rising energy costs – and the question “whether athletes are still role models” are mentioned. Keywords: Kimmich and Djokovic… celebrities are invited to join the discussion, for example the mayor of Tübingen, Boris Palmer (49), ex-soccer player Stefan Effenberg (53) and critic of the Munich Qatar sponsorship, Michael Ott (28). The actress has also been announced Elena Uhlig (46) and “Let’s Dance” juror Joachim Llambi (57) “as well as other guests from politics, business and society”.

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“The hot chair” is almost an “oldie”: The TV discussion group used to be called “Explosive – The hot chair” in the format of a talk show on the German private television station RTL. In 1994, after a total of 159 programs and a lack of quotas, it was over. In December 2016, a one-time new edition took place Steffen Hallaschka (50) instead.

TV tip: “stern TV” including “hot seat” will be shown on RTL on Sunday evening from 10.15 p.m. after the film “Skyscraper”.

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