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“Spencer” raises questions: Did Princess Diana really fear for her life? – Movie theater


This film is a must for royal fans!In “Spencer” Kristen Stewart (31) slips into the role of the beautiful Princess Diana († 36). The story: The entire royal family spends Christmas 1991 at Sandringham Castle. A painful time for Diana, who at this point decides to end her marriage to Prince Charles (73). The film not only addresses Charles’ secret love for Camilla Parker Bowles (74), but also Diana’s psychological problems – and more! Because in the film, Diana is scared to death! She was the princess of hearts! Diana in 1995: A year later she was already divorced from Prince CharlesPhoto: Jacqueline Arzt/AP

In a scene from “Spencer,” the princess talks to the palace cook. They are close. She looks at him and asks, “Are you going to kill me? Will they kill me, what do you think?”▶︎ Awesome words! But how much truth is there in them?
Former Royals chef Darren McGrady (60) knew Diana well. He cooked for Queen Elizabeth II (95) and other family members for eleven years. In the “New York PostHe explains whether Diana was really afraid for her life when she was alive. Where did this insane idea come from anyway? Conspiracy theories about Diana’s car accident in August 1997 in Paris pop up again and again. Some believe the British establishment wiped them out. There is no evidence of this to date.

Between 1993 and 1997, Darren McGrady was employed only by Diana and was “fired” shortly after her deathPhoto: Toronto Star via Getty Images

Speaking to the New York Post, McGrady said Diana once joked about her car being tampered with.“I wanted to drive her car to a gas station because she didn’t feel like doing it herself,” McGrady said. She didn’t dare because she was besieged by fans and paparazzi at the time. McGrady adds, “And she joked, ‘Watch your brakes, Darren. I think someone tampered with them.’”He laughed about it and to this day leaves no doubt that the conspiracy theories surrounding Diana are pure fabrications. “I definitely think it was a terrible accident,” McGrady said. “There were so many other ways someone could have gotten to her that were easier than doing it in a tunnel in Paris.”

Diana didn’t like Sandringham Castle

In the interview, the chef also recalled other moments with Diana. What sticks in his mind is the Christmas party he organized at Sandringham, when Diana stormed the party with Charles’ cousin, Lady Sarah Armstrong Jones, Princess Margaret’s daughter. Princess Diana loved music and dancing. Unforgettable: At a White House reception in 1985, she danced with John TravoltaPhoto: Pete Souza – Courtesy Ronald Rea

“As soon as I saw her, I put on ‘Uptown Girl’ because the princess loved Billy Joel,” says McGrady. “They started dancing with some of the people and it was wonderful to see them join in.”On another occasion, the chef bumped into Diana while taking one of her regular walks in the park. She was engrossed in the music playing through her headphones. “I asked her what she was hearing, and she said, ‘Phil Collins,'” McGrady recalls. Kristen Stewart as Diana in the movie Spencer. Even the real Diana didn’t like Sandringham CastlePhoto: ddp/Ferrari Press

The chef continued: “When I asked what song she was listening to, she said, ‘Another Day in Paradise.’ That was her little joke, as we both knew Sandringham wasn’t her favorite place…”

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