Home Health Specht assesses the Omikron situation: “Numbers will fall significantly in three weeks”

Specht assesses the Omikron situation: “Numbers will fall significantly in three weeks”

Specht assesses the Omikron situation:

Friday January 14, 2022

Specht assesses the Omikron situation: “Numbers will fall significantly in three weeks”

Germany has more than 92,000 new corona infections, the seven-day incidence jumps to a record value. reason to panic? No, says doctor and medical journalist Dr. Interview with Christoph Specht. “We have to stop really only considering this incidence.” One cannot compare previous figures with the current ones. ntv.de: Can you still make sense of the seven-day incidence? Christoph Specht: We have the impression that we could compare the numbers. Once within a country if we compare past numbers with current ones. And we feel like we can compare them across countries. But that is not the case. We cannot compare them in the country and across the country. Why not? Testing is different, people take the tests differently, some countries have free tests, other countries you have to pay for them. In Germany, we are probably a little behind when it comes to collecting the numbers. But the Omikron variant will continue to assert itself, and the numbers will increase even more. We have to stop really only looking at this incidence. What exactly is it that bothers you? We agreed six months ago that incidence wouldn’t help. At that time there was no mention of omicron, now we are doing exactly the same thing again: we only look at the incidence. That’s a mistake. Do you have the impression that politics and medicine in Germany are acting too cautiously? The feeling has spread that we humans have to be virus-free, and not just Sars-CoV-2 virus-free, but also free from other viruses. That’s not the case. We deal with viruses every day. If we were to test for other viruses, including those that have been with us for a longer period of time, then we would always have positive test numbers in the population. This will be the case with Sars-CoV-2 at least in the coming winters. We have to free ourselves from that. In principle, there is nothing wrong with living with viruses, we have been doing so for thousands of years. We will also be able to live with the Sars-CoV-2 just fine. We now have the chance to enter this phase. So the danger is currently overestimated? Don’t underestimate Omikron, people will continue to die from it in the future. That was also the case with other viral infections and it will be the same here in the future. Just not at all in the magnitudes that we have seen so far. When will the situation ease up?The numbers will fall towards spring. I even expect that the omicron numbers will fall significantly in the next two to three weeks. Daniel Schüler spoke to Christoph Sprecher

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