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Snapchat now allows you to send money through its app


Snapchat has introduced a new service called Snapcash, which allows you to send money directly from the application. Our first instinct was to keep away from using this app for economic transactions, given the data protection problems that hit this service, but Snapcash is managed directly by a real guarantee.

Square manages Snapcash ‘s backend data , including your credit card number. No financial information will be saved on Snapchat’s servers, given the many attacks suffered in the past especially to steal users’ private photos.

To send money via Snapchat, simply enter your details and make the transaction in a few steps. Payments are currently only compatible with Visa and MasterCard. However, Snapchat itself makes it known that it does not intend to compete with existing mobile payment applications, as Snapcash was born only to facilitate the work of small companies and to enter into direct partnership agreements not covered by the competition.

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Snapchat  is an application available on the App Store that will allow you to chat in real time with other people through photographs sent by us; so far nothing strange and particularly exceptional, but given the premises, it may not be advisable to send images without having direct control over them and what people can do with them. This is why  Snapchat  is really interesting: after choosing a photo, in fact, we can decide how long it will remain  visible , and after the preset seconds before sending, the image will automatically destroy  itself without others being able to save it.

We will be able to choose the visibility time through the  timer  integrated in the application, and in this sense an image can remain visible from 1 to 10 seconds, after which it will automatically delete itself forever from the receiver’s device. However, there are solutions to this problem, and one of them is definitely the screenshot. But what if a user has taken a screenshot of our photograph? Also in this case  Snapchat  will be able to help us: the application will in fact send us a notification in case someone takes a screenshot of an image sent by us before its self-destruction. As useful as a  notification can behowever, our control in this case will be very limited and there will not be much we can do other than contact the person in question; It is also important to keep in mind that all of our photographs are stored on  Snapchat ‘s servers , although the owners of the application have stated that they attempt to delete the images very frequently.

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