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Smoke column over Essen: warehouse is completely destroyed

Smoke column over Essen: warehouse is completely destroyed


Eat. During a major fire in a furniture warehouse in Essen-Kray, the fire brigade fought the flames for hours. Apparently no one was hurt.

Essen fire departmentis early Tuesday evening to her next big fire Moved out: In the commercial area of ​​the Katharina colliery in Kray, one caught 30 by 90 meter warehouse of the furniture giant XXX-Lutz Fire quickly evolved into a full fire. One passed over the city dense cloud of smoke towards the southwestthat because of the cloudless sky could be seen for miles across the region and caused a stir. [Verpassen Sie keine Nachrichten mit unserem kostenlosen Newsletter]

The affected hall “we have given up,” says fire department spokesman Christoph Risse shortly after the emergency services arrived at around 5:30 p.m. Now it’s about to hold a firewall, which separates the hall from another building measuring 50 by 100 meters. As of 7:45 p.m., it looked as if this goal had been achieved, the fire brigade got the fire under control and the flames could no longer spread to this adjacent warehouse.

Police Essen: The cause of the fire is still unclear

The dark column of smoke could be seen from afar. A furniture warehouse at the Katharina colliery caught fire Photo: KDF-TV&Picture Zur cause of fire could the police not say anything later in the evening either. “Investigations are ongoing.” According to the fire department spokesman, no one was injured. “Fortunately no one was hurt”, according to Christoph Risse. “Everyone left immediately when the alarm went off,” says an employee of the furniture warehouse. The fire department was there quickly.

The population was asked to close doors and windows

Because of the enormous smoke development, the fire brigade asked the population about the Warning app Nina to drive around the deployment area as far as possible and also to keep doors and windows closed. Air conditioning and ventilation systems should be switched off. Towards evening the intensity of the huge column of smoke decreased. This view of the smoke column was offered from the Evonik high-rise building on the A40. Photo: private In the hall, for the two XXXLutz furniture stores in Essen and Oberhausenfurniture storedthat are delivered to the customers or picked up by them themselves. However, nothing more should come of this Hall is completely destroyed. According to fire department spokesman Christoph Riss, a demolition company is expected in Kray that night to demolish the building together with THW. This is also necessary to make more effective progress with firefighting. The fire brigade warns late Tuesday evening that there are still nuisance odors.

The destroyed building used to be the warehouse of the Möbel Kröger company

The building is the old furniture warehouse of Möbel Kröger. The company was sold in 2014 to the XXXLutz group, a company founded in 1945, which is Europe’s leading furniture retailer at 350 locations in 13 countries with over 25,000 employees and annual sales of more than 5.3 billion euros. The fire was fought with a so-called large water cannon. It is fed with water provided by the Burgaltendorf volunteer fire brigade. With the help of a so-called high-trans fire system, the extinguishing agent can be transported over long distances to the scene. According to the fire brigade, there were “significant traffic delays” in the area in order to get the water to the site.

The Johanniter drone squadron once again provided help to the fire brigade

The fire brigade received support from the drone squadron of the Johanniter, which was recently deployed during the major fire in the building complex in the university district. Their drone provides the emergency services with valuable images. From the air it could be seen that the hall roof had collapsed on one side. With this knowledge, the fire brigade had started to move fire engines. So the firefighting could now take place from a more suitable side. The massive column of smoke could be seen throughout Essen and beyond, causing a stir. Photo: Brosch The Johanniter drone can also measure temperatures using an infrared sensor. Inside the hall, the peak was 200 degrees – too much for the drone’s sensor, which then had to change its position. “Because of the heat radiation, the infrared sensor complained,” says Ben Wandle from the Johanniter. At that time, the drone was hovering at a height of 200 meters and 170 meters from the scene of the fire.

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