Home World Shrinking penis after corona infection – how can that be?

Shrinking penis after corona infection – how can that be?

Shrinking penis after corona infection - how can that be?


January 14, 2022 – 5:50 p.m

Experts largely agree that Long Covid is not to be trifled with. A man from the USA is more likely to struggle with a short penis. At least he claims his penis shrunk as a result of a corona infection. Is that possible?
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No erection after infection

In July, the man was infected with the corona virus, he says in the sex guide podcast How To Do It. After that, he says he suffered from erection problems.
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The erectile dysfunction resolved over time after infection, but somehow his penis just wasn’t the same. And this change has “a profound impact on my confidence in my abilities in bed”. Let’s leave it at that.
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3.8 cm just gone

The man in the podcast reports that his good piece is said to have lost about 1.5 inches – the equivalent of 3.8 cm. Uff, that’s a tough piece. “My penis has shrunk. Before I got sick it was above average, not huge but definitely bigger than normal. Now it’s decidedly less than average.” The shrinking penis is due to vascular damage and according to his doctors, as he reports, it will stay that way forever.
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Can this really be?

But can a corona infection actually cause the genitals to shrink? A study by University College London measured exactly. 3,400 people attended, including 200 with Long Covid. The result: A shortened penis was a rare symptom in the long-Covid patients.
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Urologist: “Covid Dick” is a real thing”

And a urologist also believes the man from the USA. She tells the Daily Mail that he really does exist, the “Covid Dick”. because dr Ashley Winter is certain that an erectile dysfunction can cause the erectile tissue to shrink. However, she disagrees with the man’s doctors on one important point. She says rehabilitation practices using medication, stretching, and vacuum equipment can return the length to its original size. And if not, in the video you can see that small penises also have big advantages. (mol)

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