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Sexual Dysfunction in Men, Best Sexologist in Delhi

sexual dysfunction

What’s sexual dysfunction about?


Sexual dysfunction happens when you have a condition that keeps you from wanting sexual activity or enjoying it. It can occur at any time. Sexual Dysfunction Is Encountered by Men and Women of all ages, but the chances rise as you age.

A common cause of sexual dysfunction is stress. Additional causes include:

  1. Sex trauma
  2. Psychological questions
  3. Diabetes Sickness
  4. Cardiac disorder or other medical circumstances
  5. Usage of medicines
  6. Utilization of alcohol
  7. Some drugs

Lowdown on libido

Low testosterone levels can cause loss of libido, or sexual desire, in men. In women, desire can be influenced by this:

  • Low levels of estrogenic
  • Low levels of testosterone
  • Hormonal modifications after childbirth
  • With breast-feeding
  • Menopause

Additional causes include:

  • Elevated Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes Sickness
  • Some drugs
  • Problems with relationships
  • Inhibitions of sexual intercourse
  • Stress Pressures
  • Tiredness
  • A fear of becoming pregnant

Erectile Dysfunction (ED): Sexual Dysfunction in Men

ED takes place when an erection suitable for intercourse cannot be obtained or sustained by an individual. This can occur because of:

  • A blood flow problem
  • A Disease of the Nerve
  • An injury to your penis
  • Psychological problems, such as stress or anxiety
  • Problems with relationships
  • Disease of Peronei
  • A chronic condition
  • Any pharmaceutical goods

If you can’t ejaculate at all, impaired ejaculation happens. Some men experience retrograde ejaculation, particularly those who have diabetic neuropathy. Ejaculation enters the bladder during orgasm, instead of exiting out of the penis. While this doesn’t cause significant medical complications, fertility may be compromised. If you have it you should see your physician about it.

Sexual dysfunction: pain and distress in women

During Sexual Intercourse, several factors can cause pain. Insufficient lubrication and tense vaginal muscles make it uncomfortable to penetrate. It may make intercourse hurt by spontaneous vaginal muscle spasms, or vaginismus. These may be signs of diseases of the neurological, urinary tract or bowel.

Menopause’s hormonal shifts can make intercourse unpleasant. A decrease in the amount of oestrogen can lead to a thinning of the skins in the genital region. It can also make the vaginal lining thinner and minimize lubrication.

Dealing with physical triggers

Depending on the underlying cause, treatment depends. Often the problem will be resolved by treating an underlying medical condition. Switching medications can work in some cases.

In recent years, ED care has improved a lot. Using prescription drugs like Viagra, many men have good outcomes. Mechanical supports, penile implants, or surgery are other treatments.

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