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‘Scream’ Star Neve Campbell: Since filming I’ve been afraid of… – Movies

'Scream' Star Neve Campbell: Since filming I've been afraid of... - Movies

This film series has not only instilled fear in viewers for a quarter of a century …The first “Scream” film hit theaters over 25 years ago and changed the horror genre forever. A masked murderer who mainly targets teenagers – the slasher series has long been a cult.The 5th part started on Thursday with many new young actors. But well-known faces like David Arquette (50), Neve Campbell (48) and Courteney Cox (57) are also part of the party. 2011: Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette (from left) at the premiere of “Scream 4” Photo: KEVIN WINTER/AFP After the death of Wes Craven († 76), director of the film series, it was not clear for a long time whether there will be another part. When the offer came up, leading actress Neve Campbell wasn’t sure if she wanted to reprise her role after ten years. 1997: Neve Campbell on the horror phone in “Scream 2” Photo: kpa Publicity/United Archives/picture-alliance

“I had concerns at first,” says Campbell in the BILD interview. “Wes Craven was a master and responsible for the brilliance of the films.”The new director duo, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, convinced her in a preliminary talk.
“They both told us they became filmmakers because of Wes Craven,” Campbell says. “They felt it would be surreal to be given the opportunity to do a ‘Scream’ film yourself. From then on it just felt right.”

Neve Campbell today: The Canadian actress has been part of “Scream” since the first part Photo: action press

Neve Campbell plays Sidney, one of the first women preyed on by the “Ghostface” killer in the mid-’90s. Five films in 25 years – Neve Campbell was not left untouched. What is she afraid of in real life?
“Since the first part I’ve been scared if I’m in a building with glass windows and it’s light inside and pitch black outside when I look out. It doesn’t feel good,” Campbell said. And: “Driving up into the mountains by car scares me a lot. That’s my phobia!”Nothing for weak nerves! Just like the sequel to her horror film. Because despite new directors and actors, Campbell promises: “The audience will definitely be able to walk out of the room and say, ‘Wow, I saw another scream’!”

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