Home Entertainment SAT.1 breakfast television: Daniel Boschmann’s fall makes Annika Lau laugh

SAT.1 breakfast television: Daniel Boschmann’s fall makes Annika Lau laugh

SAT.1 breakfast television: Daniel Boschmann's fall makes Annika Lau laugh

You just have to laugh when you see these pictures. moderator Annika Lau (42) started to moderate on Friday morning on SAT.1 “Breakfast TV” when suddenly a colleague came up behind her Daniel Boschman (41) flew into the studio. He landed on his knees and immediately burst out laughing – as did the colleagues in front of and behind the camera.

Breakdown on SAT.1 “Breakfast TV”

Also Annika Lau, whose forthcoming change to RTL was just confirmed, clapped his hands in front of his head in disbelief and said: “That’s how it is when you work with Mr. Boschmann! He was back there with Lukas a second ago, wanted to prepare something…” Colleague Lukas Launerland was then free , to recreate the exact fall again in slow motion.Boschmann got stuck on a small step, he explained.

SAT.1 presenter Boschmann: “I’ve never fallen so unpleasantly!”

And unlucky Boschmann himself just laughed tears. “I’ve never fallen so awkwardly!” and: “How can you stumble like that?” He marveled, apologized for his funny faux pas and joked: “I wanted to go on television quickly.” The glitch also put the viewers in a good mood. “Wonderful, I burst into tears… perfect landing,” wrote one Instagram user. “Just super likeable. Even if he – umm… – falls elegantly into the studio” or: “Best morning this week, thank you, thank you, thank you”, were other comments on the net.

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