Home Entertainment Sarafina Wollny’s bridal veil as the twins’ christening outfit

Sarafina Wollny’s bridal veil as the twins’ christening outfit

Sarafina Wollny's bridal veil as the twins' christening outfit

Sarafina Wollny (26) and her husband Peter (29) came up with something very special for the baptism of their offspring! In May of last year, the popular extended TV family was able to look forward to an addition: the twins emory and Casey saw the light of day – albeit ten weeks too early. The proud parents knew straight away that they wanted their boys to be baptized. And for this occasion, a very special outfit should be here!” It was actually already clear after the wedding, when we would have children at some point, that we […] Have dresses made where part of the bridal veil is incorporated,” revealed Sarafina in the current episode of The Wollnys. The outfit for the big day of the two boys is also reminiscent of their parents’ wedding. Even during the shooting, the new mom could hardly wait: “I’m really excited. It’s going to be the first big party for the boys!” In November of last year, the time had finally come: Emory and Casey were baptized and go through life with God’s blessing. Mama Sarafina also shared online Impressions of the subsequent celebration with the family. In addition to the baptismal look of the bundle of joy, the cake was also a real eye-catcher – namely a cake in the shape of a Bible and Sarafina Wollny with the TwinsInstagram ad / sarafina_wollnySarafina Wollny’s cake for the christening of her twinsVoteShow result
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