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Sainz hopes for a quick solution: “It’s madness, very annoying”

Sainz hoopt op snelle oplossing: "Het is gekkenwerk, heel irritant"

Carlos Sainz hopes that the now well-known problem of ‘porpoising’ can be tackled quickly by the technical people in Formula 1. The Spanish driver hopes not to have to live with the problem of the bouncing cars. The porpoising was an issue that cropped up during the testing days in Barcelona. It means that a car starts to wobble on the long straights and at high speed, which can lead to potentially dangerous situations. Russell, for example, has already been critical of the phenomenon and questioned driver safety. Later on, more drivers also expressed their concerns about the porpoising. Article continues under video

Drivers speak out

Among them was Sainz’ teammate Charles Leclerc. The Monegask compared the phenomenon with turbulence in an airplane and also said that he even became nauseous from the violent wobble of the car. Alfa Romeo’s Valtteri Bottas also said that it is a difficult problem, which also causes a significant reduction in visibility, which can also lead to dangerous situations.

Don’t learn to live with it

For Sainz it is therefore important that a solution is found quickly. The Ferrari driver speaks to Motorsport.com” href=”https://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/sainz-hopes-f1-drivers-dont-have-to-live-with-annoying-porpoising/8806694/” target=”_blank”>Motorsport .com: “Obviously this doesn’t feel right. Especially when you consider that you are driving three hundred kilometers per hour and you are jumping up and down about thirty to forty millimeters, it is crazy. Very annoying. Hopefully it will be fixed soon and not something we have to learn to live with. It’s pretty on the limit. We just have to rely on the engineers who say it’s getting better,” concludes the number five from last season.

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