Home World Russia is reportedly planning mock attacks in Ukraine

Russia is reportedly planning mock attacks in Ukraine

Russia is reportedly planning mock attacks in Ukraine

US intelligence services warn of a dangerous scenario in eastern Ukraine: camouflaged Russian soldiers attacking Russian allies there, giving the Kremlin an excuse to invade. Russia has allegedly trained a special force to carry out “false flag” bomb attacks and acts of sabotage against Russian mercenaries and allies. This could provide the Kremlin with an excuse to intervene directly militarily. This is reported by CNN, citing US intelligence agencies.

“The Russian military plans to start these actions several weeks before an invasion,” the broadcaster quoted the unnamed source as saying. “We saw the same thing happen in Crimea in 2014.” Russian soldiers were apparently active there, but were not marked as such before Moscow annexed the peninsula in March 2014.

Russia demands security guarantees from NATO

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense made a similar statement: “The aggressor’s military units and their allies have received orders to prepare for such provocations,” it said in a statement on Friday. Jake Sullivan, the US government’s national security adviser, said: “Our intelligence agencies have received information that Russia is working on a pretext for an invasion.” The Kremlin vehemently denies the allegations. At the same time, President Putin is demanding agreements from the USA and NATO that would prohibit NATO’s eastward expansion and the establishment of US military bases in countries in the former Soviet sphere of influence. Talks between the US and Russia, a meeting of the NATO-Russia Council and talks within the framework of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) brought no breakthrough this week.

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