Home Entertainment RTL presenter Palina Rojinski reveals a surprising engagement

RTL presenter Palina Rojinski reveals a surprising engagement

RTL presenter Palina Rojinski surprisingly reveals engagement

Palina Rojinski has now revealed rather casually that she is engaged. Image: palinski/instagramPalina Rojinski started as a presenter on MTV, and now she has made it into the primetime program of one of the major German private broadcasters: Only this week did she steal Günther Jauch at the “Gipfel of the quiz giants” on RTL the show, where she presented herself very self-confidently. For example, she comments on Jauch’s expandable shooting skills as a footballer with the saying: “He won’t be included in the 2022 annual review”. When it comes to her private and especially her love life, Palina is rather covered. It was known that she was in a relationship with Jean-Christoph Ritter (known as “Schowi” from the hip-hop formation Massive Tone) for six years until 2013, but generally she is very cautious when it comes to sharing private information.

Palina Rojinski reveals engagement

In a current interview with the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” the 36-year-old was asked if she had ever been with someone who did not share her sense of humor. Then she surprisingly said: “Humor has always been important to me, and my fiancé and I just have the best sense of humor together.” In a subordinate clause, Palina reveals how serious she really is with her current boyfriend – as if it were actually already known. At the request of the “image“The presenter’s management has now also confirmed the engagement. However, the identity of the partner and how long it remains unclear relationship already exists.Already in 2020 Palina had opposite “Colorful“Expressed that she was happily forgiven, she didn’t follow any details at the time either. Rather, she made it clear: “Just because I’m otherwise so open and also a lot for my fans there, I need something just for me. I just want to keep my private life to myself and protect it.”

known desire to have children

What she still clearly saw in “Bunte”, however, was a desire to have children. She said: “By the time I’m in my late 30s, I’ll definitely want one of my own family. I’m very sure that I’ll have kids then.” That’s probably what she’s working towards now.Every weekend there are the best recommendations for Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Sky and MagentaTV in our ultimate streaming guide – from the most exciting new series to hidden treasures. There are 1000 reasons why you are currently the best should spend a lot of time at home. So make yourself comfortable on the sofa while it’s still cold and wintry and turn on the streaming service of your choice. To make your choice easier, we have selected the most exciting new releases and best classics for the week from January 14th to 21st.

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