Home Politics Resistance against Yusuf Yerkel in front of the Turkish consulate

Resistance against Yusuf Yerkel in front of the Turkish consulate

Resistance against Yusuf Yerkel in front of the Turkish consulate

Some drivers will have stared a little helplessly at posters on the arterial road towards the airport, which in large letters declared Yusuf Yerkel to be an undesirable person in Frankfurt. Around 200 people gathered opposite the Turkish consulate general on Kennedyallee on Friday afternoon to protest Yerkel’s alleged appointment as commercial attaché. The former Erdogan confidante Yerkel, whose brutal kicks against a demonstrator lying on the ground made him known outside of Turkey in 2014, is said to be about to start work in Frankfurt. The personal details have not been confirmed, they will be decided in the Turkish Ministry of Commerce and communicated to the Consulate General. The state of affairs is allegedly only known there from the press – and nothing can be confirmed. The peaceful demonstrators were mobilized by an action alliance of clubs and organizations with a Turkish migration background. The group, which came together five years ago as part of the “No” campaign against the introduction of the presidential system in Turkey, has received a lot of support from Frankfurters with Turkish roots and was able to organize the protest in just a few days, mainly via social media . A picture he can’t get rid of: Yusuf Yerkel kicks a demonstrator in Soma on May 14, 2014. : Photo: AP Zeliha Dikmen, chairwoman of the Volkshaus Frankfurt, stressed in her speech, held in Turkish and German, that the former Erdogan adviser does not deserve diplomatic status. Whether the personnel decision has now been made or is just a rumor – the resistance to Yerkel’s posting in Frankfurt will certainly also be noticed in Ankara. Taylan Burcu, member of the state parliament for the Greens, therefore also hopes that the loud criticism will prompt a rethink among those responsible in Turkey and that Yerkel’s alleged nomination will be revoked. The term of office of Tansu Günendi, who has been commercial attaché at the Turkish Consulate General in Frankfurt for four years, ends as scheduled at the end of January. “We worked very well with him, as well as with Consul General Erdem Tunçer,” says Ertan Köse from the board of the employers’ umbrella organization Atiyab. “We don’t want to work with a misanthrope like Yerkel. It certainly won’t improve trade relations between Germany and Turkey.” At the end, the participants symbolically laid a black wreath in front of the consulate.

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