Home Entertainment Rapper Drake prevents seed robbery – with an aggravated crazy number!

Rapper Drake prevents seed robbery – with an aggravated crazy number!

Rapper Drake prevents seed robbery - with an aggravated crazy number!


January 14, 2022 – 10:21 p.m

Drake’s fun stops at his seed

rapper drakes (35) prevented a robbery. That sounds chivalrous and really noble. However, the musician neither overpowered a bank robber nor stopped a cheeky thief from pinching the handbag of a grandmother. No, it was self-defense: because a model allegedly wanted to steal his seed! The ingredients of this completely crazy story: a hotel room, two excited people – and delicious sauce.

How sharp is that?

What a hitherto anonymous model now divulges via “Too Much Hot Tea” sounds like a particularly bad romantic comedy. Accordingly, the woman met in a hotel for a nice little hour with Drake, who was willing to mate. After the hot number, however, it only got really hot. After the man who his child Adonis (4) baptized, who is said to have disposed of the used condom in the bathroom garbage, according to her description, the model wanted to use it there. But not on the hygiene items in the hotel room where the nuptials took place – no, on the condom! Craving the celebrity seed, she inserted the contents of the previously discarded contraceptive vaginally. Model’s Gaga Plan: Get pregnant this way and have a rapper baby! In plain language, she wanted to commit seed robbery, as she once did in a famous broom closet. BUT she didn’t expect the biggest plot twist since “The Sixth Sense”. What happened next can (hopefully) not be imagined by any human or animal. And got hotter than sex with Drake!

DA doesn’t exactly warm your heart

During the seed robbery in the bathroom, the Instagramer’s intimate area got pretty warm. So hot she cried out! And not out of lust for theft, but out of pain. There was something in the condom that is very, very, very rarely found there: chilli sauce! Something that hardly anyone likes to have in their intimate area. The model says Drake then admitted “that he poured the chili sauce into the condom to kill the semen.” Now she reportedly wants to sue the hot sauce man. How true is the Gaga story? Still unclear. Which makes you wonder why Drake should come up with such a weird way of “theft security” for his sperm instead of just having a vasectomy performed or otherwise emptying or disposing of the condom.

Drake reacts calmly

The rapper himself reacts casually to the Gaga story and the accusation. “You can have your 15 minutes of fame. I’ll take the other 23 hours and 45 minutes.” Confident, tough – and much cooler than any chili sauce. (nos)

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