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Ranking: These are the 25 most popular employers in Germany


Getty Images The job platform Glassdoor has identified the 25 most popular employers in Germany based on anonymous ratings. The American software provider Salesforce is the leader. Overall, companies from the technology sector dominate the ranking. The search engine giant Google came in second. The Boston Consulting Group, Mercedes Benz International and Porsche took third, fourth and fifth place. It’s no secret that happy employees work better. In the meantime, this has even been proven by several scientific studies. The fact is: If you are happy in your job, you quit less often, can identify better with the product or the employer and are often more productive. The success of a company therefore depends to a large extent on employee motivation. In times of a shortage of skilled workers, in which even well-known employer brands have to compete for good talent, it has become even more important for companies to ensure that employees feel comfortable. If there is too much pressure, the salary is low or the manager is unsuitable, some good employees will switch to the competition. The job platform Glassdoor has again analyzed which companies in Germany have the highest levels of employee satisfaction. This is a portal where employees can anonymously rate their current or former employer. Glassdoor uses this data each year to rank which companies are most popular with their employees. The software provider Salesforce has the crown for the highest level of employee satisfaction. The US group, which offers cloud computing solutions for companies, made it to the top of the evaluation from eleventh place with an average rating of 4.7 out of five stars. Immediately afterwards, Google defended second place, which the technology giant had already moved to the year before. The winner from 2021, the pharmaceutical company Roche, is no longer in the top 25. Instead, two other newcomers, the Boston Consulting Group (3rd place) and Mercedes Benz International (4th place), made it into the top five. The automobile manufacturer Porsche, which was in ninth place last year, was the last to secure a place among the five most popular employers in the current evaluation.

Technology companies are gaining popularity

The ranking clearly reflects the trend that technology companies are becoming even more important as a result of the Corona crisis. Not only did Salesforce make it to first place, the Munich software developer Personio (21st place) and the American IT group Cisco Systems (23rd place) also secured places on the list of winners. This means that eight of the 25 companies are from the technology sector. If you also look at the automotive industry, it becomes clear that companies such as BMW, Volkswagen or Audi, which are otherwise regularly ahead in employer rankings, did not make it into the top 25 of the Glassdoor evaluation. On the other hand, Mercedes Benz National and Porsche stand out, both of which even secured a place in the top five. What is also striking: In 2022 there will be a particularly large number of newcomers. According to Glassdoor, only 14 of the 25 companies have made the list of winners at least once since the ranking was introduced seven years ago. The German pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim and the US consumer goods group Procter & Gamble are taking part for the first time. The retail trade is represented, among others, by the mail-order company Otto, the household appliance manufacturer BSH Hausgeräte and the hardware store toom. Two thirds of the companies that made it into the ranking are German companies.

The complete ranking

  • Salesforce (4.7)
  • Google (4.6)
  • Boston Consulting Group (4.6)
  • Mercedes-Benz International (4.5)
  • Porsche (4.4)
  • SAP (4.4)
  • OTTO (4.4)
  • Boehringer Ingelheim (4.4)
  • Procter & Gamble (4.4)
  • Research Center Jülich (4.3)
  • Robert Bosch (4.3)
  • BSH household appliances (4.3)
  • Deutsche Boerse Group (4.3)
  • IKEA (4.3)
  • Siemens Healthineers (4.3)
  • MHP – A Porsche Company (4.3)
  • Siemens (4.3)
  • Vodafone (4.3)
  • Fraunhofer Society (4.3)
  • Adesso SE (4.3)
  • Personio (4.2)
  • Alliance (4.2)
  • Cisco Systems (4.2)
  • Microsoft (4.2)
  • toom hardware store (4.2)
  • What is important to the employees

    Glassdoor has developed its own algorithm for the ranking. According to its own statements, this takes into account the quality, quantity and consistency of the ratings posted. In order to be included in the evaluation, the assessment had to have been submitted by a German employee between October 20, 2020 and October 18, 2021. In addition, Glassdoor only analyzed employers who received more than 20 ratings during that period across the following eight attributes: Overall Company Rating, Career Opportunities, Compensation & Benefits, Culture & Values, Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership, Work-Life Balance, Recommendation and business forecast. In their evaluations, the employees emphasized, among other things, the good communication, teamwork, development opportunities, high salary and good leadership style of the bosses. The comments indicate that agile work, appreciation and interesting tasks are also important for employees. Also read Corona bonus, job ticket, fuel vouchers: With these tax-free extras you get significantly more net than with a salary increase

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