Home Business QuickBooks users can now automate their invoicing with CONSULT

QuickBooks users can now automate their invoicing with CONSULT

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Atkku Services LLC has announced that their software CONSULT has an automated invoicing feature especially made for the IT staffing businesses that struggle with generating invoicing using their existing QuickBooks accounting software.

They said that “with the invoicing feature in QuickBooks and CONSULT as an add-on, IT staffing companies can generate even the most complex invoice with just a few keystrokes. It can harness the power of QuickBooks and the special features built into CONSULT to make no-error invoices incorporating all the essentials of an invoice as per customer specification.”

CONSULT comes with multiple features: VMS processing, direct timesheet entry, auto-reminder for A/R and email invoice dispatch. A spokesperson for Atkku said, “Our automated invoicing feature has enabled IT staffing businesses to cut down invoice generation cost by as much 70%; whatever the complexity of the invoice.”

The spokesperson further said, “The software was developed to bring down operation cost in IT staffing offices. By making CONSULT easily Integrable with QuickBooks, able to save thousands of dollars the IT staffing companies will have to invest in special software.”

The head of marketing at Atkku said that with the use of CONSULT going up, invoicing errors are going down, and businesses are beginning to use it as an analysis tool for business acquisition. “You can use it for customer retention and empower your billing team with the zero-error to avoid returned-bills. This has resulted in higher ROI and better capacity utilization,” the marketing head added.

Atkku in a statement highlighted the following features that IT staffing operators appreciate for its utility. It can: Send Reminders and get paid faster by sending regular reminders until payment is received into your bank account; Streamline Cash Flow and get better invoicing results and quicker payment receipts – streamline cash flow and increases profit level and Made for QuickBooks capacity makes QuickBooks more powerful with added features for as little as $1.

Unlike other add-ons, CONSULT is delivered as a SaaS which makes it hardware independent software. IT staffing companies can contact the company directly or ask for a live demo before ordering the application. You can also visit the company’s website and learn more about the application.