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Quarantine Brandenburg: New quarantine rules planned – what applies to vaccinated and unvaccinated?

Quarantine Brandenburg: New quarantine rules planned - what applies to vaccinated and unvaccinated?

In Brandenburg, the corona numbers are increasing again. the Omicron variant is already dominant and will presumably continue to drive incidences up. In order to keep the critical infrastructure in the state running, the quarantine regulations are to be adjusted. The Brandenburg state government wants to give the districts and independent cities a recommendation for their regulations on the Corona quarantine give. The state’s new Corona regulation states the following: “The Brandenburg Ministry of Health has already informed the health authorities of the districts and urban districts about the reduction in quarantine and isolation times. Now that the federal government has created the legal basis for this, the Ministry of Health will promptly send the health authorities further technical recommendations in a letter, which should ensure uniform implementation in the state of Brandenburg.

  • What are the new quarantine rules?
  • What applies to vaccinated boosted and unvaccinated?
  • When can you test free leave?
  • What applies to children and young people under the age of 18?
  • Is there exceptions?
  • Quarantine regulation: These rules should come

    The federal and state governments had agreed on the new quarantine regulations last week. A corresponding ordinance should determine which general exceptions are to be considered contact person from infected people and being infected yourself if you are vaccinated or recovered. It is expected to go into effect on Saturday. Ultimately, the rules are then implemented by the federal states. The quarantine reductions are intended to keep important supply areas running, even if the number of infected people is increasing sharply. The new rules are to come into force from Saturday. These are:

  • who one positive corona test (PCR) has to be in quarantine for ten days
  • Contacts must be quarantined for 10 days unless they have one booster vaccination to get
  • So boosted ones don’t have to be in quarantine as long as they no symptoms to have
  • Who before less than three months fully vaccinated or recovered does not have to be in quarantine as a contact person as long as there are no symptoms
  • To seven days the quarantine can be ended if you have a negative PCR or antigen test and are symptom-free
  • If you are symptom-free, you can already follow up five days be free-tested using a PCR test. This only applies to vaccinated people.
  • who in one medical profession works can also be tested after seven days, but only with a PCR test. In addition, the person must have been symptom-free for at least 48 hours.
  • students and pupils such as daycare children, who are considered contact persons can be tested after five days out of quarantine, with a PCR or rapid test
  • Quarantine in Potsdam: stricter rules for children

    The capital of Brandenburg Potsdam goes beyond the federal-state agreement in its new quarantine rules. Because many new infections have been found, especially among children and adolescents, in the past few days, children as contact persons can only be identified later seven test instead of five days. In general, the counties and independent cities will adapt their general decrees according to the recommendation of the state. That should happen in the coming week. Then the new quarantine rules will finally take effect.

    Corona test obligation for day care centers – Brandenburg has new corona rules for schools and day care centers

    In Brandenburg apply soon new corona rules for school and daycare. New corona rules were not only decided for the schools in the state, new measures will soon also apply to the very little ones. There will be one in the future testing obligation on the corona virus in the day-care centers in the country. Twice a week negative proof must be provided by a corona test of the child to be cared for. The new measure will apply for the time being from 07.02. until 02/13/2022. An overview of the measures taken by the Ministry of Education.

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