Home Politics Quarantine and isolation: What now applies in Bavaria

Quarantine and isolation: What now applies in Bavaria

Quarantine and isolation: what applies now in Bavaria

Usually ten days, in some cases seven or five days: Since Wednesday (January 12), new rules for corona quarantine for contact persons and isolation for infected people have been in force in Bavaria. The state government had previously implemented the corresponding federal-state decision. The federal government had previously approved the necessary legal framework. The new regulations are intended to keep important care areas running even in the event of a sharp increase in the number of infected people. What exactly applies now – an overview.

Isolation: What applies to infected people?

Anyone who has infected themselves with Corona usually has to be in isolation for ten days. A free test with a negative PCR or rapid antigen test is possible after just seven days – if the infected person has been symptom-free for at least 48 hours. Otherwise, the isolation ends after ten days if you have been symptom-free for 48 hours. However, this does not apply if there was a positive test result within the last 72 hours. “In this case, the district administrative authority determines when and under what conditions the isolation ends in individual cases,” says the regulation A PCR test is mandatory for seven days – or negative rapid tests must be presented every day for five days before starting work.

Quarantine: What applies to contacts?

The same applies to contact persons as to infected people: The quarantine can end after seven days if you “test yourself free” with a negative PCR or rapid test and are symptom-free. Without a test, it lasts ten days. Pupils and daycare and kindergarten children who have to be in quarantine as contact persons can now take a free test after five days. By means of a rapid PCR or antigen test. For employees in vulnerable facilities, the same rules apply as if they are infected themselves: work can be resumed after seven days at the earliest via a free test using a PCR test. Alternatively, daily negative rapid tests are possible for five days before starting work.

Quarantine exceptions

After the Federal Council approved the corresponding ordinance the day before, the exceptions to the quarantine have also been in effect since Saturday (January 15). In Bavaria, those contact persons no longer have to be in quarantine – who already have a booster vaccination – who have recently been double-vaccinated (this applies if the second vaccination was at least 15 days and no more than 90 days ago) – who have recently recovered (this applies , if the underlying test was at least 28 days and no more than 90 days ago) – who have been vaccinated twice after recovery or have recovered after a second vaccination Contact persons who are in quarantine on the basis of an order from the health department and belong to the above-mentioned groups can now, according to the Ministry of Health, quarantine end. Previously, contact persons of a person infected with the omicron variant were quarantined for 14 days without the chance to test free.

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