Home World Pyongyang threatens USA: North Korea makes the next missile test

Pyongyang threatens USA: North Korea makes the next missile test

Pyongyang threatens USA: North Korea makes the next missile test

Friday January 14, 2022

Pyongyang threatens US North Korea makes the next missile test

The North Korean military fired a missile on Tuesday. Dictator Kim Jong Un then announces progress in the development of hypersonic weapons. The US responded with sanctions. But that doesn’t make Pyongyang stop testing.
It is the third missile test in just over a week: According to the South Korean military, North Korea has fired at least two missiles. They are believed to be short-range ballistic missiles. The rockets were launched in the north-west of the country and flown eastwards, the general staff said. How far they flew remained unclear. South Korea’s military initially spoke of an unidentified projectile fired by the neighboring country. Japan’s Ministry of Defense also confirmed the launch. According to reports from the Japanese broadcaster NHK, the ministry suspects that North Korea may have carried out another test with a ballistic missile. The Japanese coast guard said it observed “at 2:55 p.m. (local time, 06:55 CET) the launch of a suspected ballistic missile or missiles”. It is still unclear where the rocket fell and whether it was one object or several. Despite international sanctions for its nuclear weapons program, Pyongyang claims to have tested hypersonic missiles on January 5th and 11th. The second test was personally overseen by North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un. Hypersonic missiles can travel more than five times the speed of sound and are maneuverable in flight. This makes them difficult for conventional air defense to detect and intercept. North Korea reported the successful test of a hypersonic missile for the first time last year.

North Korea threatens “stronger and clearer response”

The United States imposed sanctions on Wednesday, among others, on five North Koreans responsible for procuring goods for North Korea’s weapons of mass destruction and missile programs. In return, North Korea’s foreign ministry accused the United States of intentionally escalating the situation with the new punitive measures, according to state media. The ministry defended the missile tests with reference to the right to self-defense. If the US seeks confrontation, North Korea will give a “stronger and clearer response,” a spokesman was quoted as saying by the state media. He accused the US of provocation. UN resolutions prohibit North Korea from testing ballistic missiles that can carry a nuclear warhead. Attempts to dissuade the internationally almost completely isolated state from doing so through diplomatic channels have so far been unsuccessful.

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