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ProSieben shows the first photo of the “GNTM” cast: fans laugh at retouching errors

ProSieben publishes the first

Heidi Klum has put together an unusual cast for “GNTM” this time. Image: dpa / Richard HübnerHeidi Klum will be looking for “Germany’s next top model” for the 17th time from February 3rd. While the motto for the past season was “Diversity”, the model wants to position itself even more broadly with the candidates this year. the fans criticized their selection of top model candidates in 2021 after the first set photos, the viewers did not see it as diverse enough after the first look at them.And in a press conference at the start of the last season, Heidi admitted to a certain extent when watson asked that it could be more diverse and promised: “I would like to have even more diversity! I would like to have older women invite, absolutely, they just have to come. But maybe they dare next year.”And this year they obviously dared: the presenter and chief judge has already announced that the oldest candidate is 68, the smallest is 1.54 meters tall and the largest dress size is 54. ProSieben has now revealed the secret of the first participants Instagram – but there was one thing in particular from the users: criticism.

“GNTM” fans again dissatisfied with new candidates

In the first photo with Heidi and seven candidates, the oldest of the candidate field can already be seen. There is also a mother-daughter team that will fight together for the title of the show. Different skin colors and body shapes are also clearly recognizable. While all the candidates looked the same to the fans last year, some now criticized the exact opposite of “GNTM”: “I’m disappointed with the candidates … that only has something to do with personality and little to do with top models.” Another Follower agreed: “This is not a top model show, this is a reality show.” While the participants in 2021 supposedly all looked the same, a number of fans now noticed that “everyone looked so old”. However, those responsible for the show added some justifications in the comments. This is what “GNTM” says, among other things: “Top Model: beauty in all facets”. In response to the accusation that it should now be a reality show, the account operator writes: “Sorry, wrong channel.” However, a number of users also welcomed the decision to make “GNTM” look even more diverse in the comment column. A user wrote: “The fashion world has changed, not just the show. There are plus-size models and old models. Not everyone is 20 and underweight. Fashion has to look good for the others too and not just for 18-year-olds.”

Supposed retouching error is unpleasantly noticeable

However, some also noted another criticism of the photo itself, which is supposed to advertise the new “GNTM” season: the quality of the picture does not exactly cause storms of enthusiasm. Heidi Klum looks tired and without make-up in the photo, the models in the background sometimes adopt unflattering poses.However, the most glaring seems to be a retouching error: “What is she doing with her right hand on the far left of the picture?”, one commenter laughed – and indeed she appears to be splaying her fingers oddly. In addition, only four fingers are visible on the hand. “GNTM” only answers the hint with a joke: “She shows tact.” As early as 2020, the production made an editing error in a group picture: A candidate in the background only seemed to have one leg at the time. Since last year’s finale was more diverse than ever before with a curvy model, a petite model and a transgender model, the cast’s first impression seems to be deceptive. ProSieben will soon be showing how the top model candidates will fare over the course of the season. (cfl)Palina Rojinski started out as a presenter on MTV, and she’s now made it into the primetime program of one of Germany’s major private broadcasters: just this week she stole the show from Günther Jauch at the “Summit of the Quiz Giants” on RTL, where she presented herself very confidently. For example, she commented on Jauch’s expandable shooting skills as a footballer with the saying: “He won’t be included in the 2022 annual review”.

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