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Prince Charles ignores question about Prince Andrew

Prince Charles ignores question about Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew has had to return his royal patronage and military titles to the Queen. The palace announced this on Thursday evening. A day later, his brother appeared in public, but he didn’t want to talk about it. The British royal family has Prince Andrew stripped of his military titles. his older brother, Prince Charles, but apparently does not want to comment on this. During a visit to Aberdeenshire, Scotland, the 73-year-old Royal ignored at least one question about his brother.

Instead of answering the question, the Queen’s son didn’t look at the journalist, instead approaching someone else and shaking the person’s hand, as a recording of “Sky News” shows. On January 13, Buckingham Palace announced that Prince Andrew had announced his “military affiliations and royal patronage […] returned to the Queen”. In addition, he would continue to take no public duties and defend himself as a “private citizen” in the Virginia Giuffre case.

The civil trial is expected in the fall

The 38-year-old accuses Prince Andrew of sexually abusing her when she was a minor. He categorically denies the allegations. The allegations came up in 2015, again in 2019. In 2020, Andrew wanted to cleanse himself with an ultimately fateful interview. A US court recently ruled not to dismiss her lawsuit. The civil trial is expected to take place in the fall if an out-of-court settlement is not reached before then. The fact that the Queen has now stripped her second eldest son of his military titles was to be expected, Anna Whitelock, professor and historian specializing in the history of the British monarchy, explains when asked by t-online: “With all the implication and repeated denials from Prince Andrew, this is an unprecedented scandal for the royal family.” The Queen acted “decisively”, “similarly quickly and ruthlessly” as with the Megxit, according to the nobility expert’s comparison.

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