Home Entertainment Prince Charles: He coldly ignores a reporter’s question about Prince Andrew

Prince Charles: He coldly ignores a reporter’s question about Prince Andrew

Prince Charles: He coldly ignores a reporter's question about Prince Andrew

Prince Charles (73) dares his first public appearance, after brother Prince Andrew (61) had all his military titles and royal patronage revoked on Thursday (January 13). However, the first heir to the throne of the British royal family apparently wants to have all questions about Andrew commented on at this official appointment. In Aberdeenshire, Scotland, the royal now ignored a journalist’s question and instead had two men show him the landscape. See in the video how coldly Prince Charles ignores the reporter’s question.

Prince Andrew has to defend himself as a private citizen

Without the support of his family, which the royal has had at least internally so far, Prince Andrew is now doing it increasingly lonely. Public opinion has long since turned against him. Andrew has resigned from his public duties as a member of the Royal Family since the allegations became known, but has retained his military ranks so far. Andrew has long been a burden to the Queen and the Royal Family. According to experts, as the proceedings continue, his position will become increasingly untenable. Andrew was done, Royal House expert Phil Dampier told The Sun. He sees no way that Andrew – as part of the commemoration of the Falklands War 40 years ago, in which he served – will ever again publicly support the royalty will occur.

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