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Presidential: accounts, real estate, cars… What the declarations of assets of the candidates say

Presidential: accounts, real estate, cars... What the declarations of assets of the candidates say


How many apartments or houses do the presidential candidates own? Where do they get their income from? The High Authority for Transparency in Public Life unveiled, this Tuesday evening, asset status declarations from 12 presidential candidates. A brief overview of the properties, investments, bank accounts and other assets of the contenders for the highest office in the state.

Pécresse, owner of the most expensive house

In the ranking of the most expensive properties, Valérie Pécresse comes first. Republican candidate owns for 4,170,000 euros real estate. Two beautiful houses of 200 and 270 m2, a more modest house of 60 m2 and 0.39 hectares of agricultural land.
Then comes Éric Zemmour (Reconquête!) with 2,886,440 euros spread over five apartments, including one of 165 m2. Nicolas Dupont-Aignan and Jean-Luc Mélenchon own 2,165,000 and 1,370,000 euros in real estate respectively. Conversely, Yannick Jadot, Emmanuel Macron and Philippe Poutou have not invested in stone. These three candidates do not own a house or an apartment.

Macron and his many bank accounts

The palm of the candidate having most bank accounts returns to Emmanuel Macron. The current Head of State lists six in his name, four others being probably in the name of his wife (the title is crossed out). In total, more than 450,000 euros are invested.
All the other candidates have at least three bank accounts: five (in his name) for a total of nearly 100,000 euros for Jean-Luc Mélenchon, five also (but probably held jointly with a spouse) for nearly 120 000 euros on the side of Anne Hidalgo, three for Éric Zemmour (on his behalf) for a total amount of nearly 14,000 euros. Some, like Nathalie Arthaud, are totally loyal to the same bank. Others, like Jean Lassalle, prefer to dispatch to several establishments.

Pécresse, champion of life insurance

Placements are the prerogative of candidates from the center and the right. As for life insurance, Valérie Pécresse and Éric Zemmour are the champions of the category. Seven accounts are attached to candidate LR (two of which she subscribed to herself), for a total amount of more than 2.3 million euros. The polemicist comes next. His two contracts, taken out with BNP and Banque Lazard, have a total value of more than 444,000 euros. Yannick Jadot and Anne Hidalgo are the only two candidates on the left who have taken out life insurance contracts.
Some candidates are also budding traders. Outgoing President Emmanuel Macron has two securities accounts for a market value of just under 4,000 euros. He also has two equity savings plans (which allow him to manage a portfolio of European company shares) worth more than 63,000 euros. Valérie Pécresse also has a securities account, for a value of 120,277 euros.

Le Pen’s huge Hungarian loan

Marine Le Pen wanted to be discreet about its loan from a European bank, aimed at financing his electoral campaign. Its declaration of assets reveals that it was made with the Hungarian establishment MKB Bank Nyrt, for an amount of 10.7 million euros. The loan runs for 16 months, but the monthly payments are not displayed.
On January 19, the RN candidate had claimed to have suffered around fifty refusals from banks to help fund his campaign. “This situation should scandalize all people attached to democracy”, she had denounced on France Inter.

Five borrowings for Lassalle

The declarations of assets make it possible to discover the “liabilities” of the candidates, namely their debts and loans still in progress. Beyond Marine Le Pen’s Hungarian loan, several of the presidential contenders have incurred debt. Valérie Pécresse owes, for example, 984,798 euros, of which more than 170,000 euros were due to the Public Treasury on the date of February 25 for the “payment balance tax and social security contributions on income 2020”.
Jean Lassalle accumulates five loans, which represents a total of 202,632 euros. Éric Zemmour has four, for a total of 633,329 euros. Conversely, neither Nathalie Arthaud, nor Philippe Poutou, nor Yannick Jadot have borrowed their name.

Paintings, sculpture and copyrights

In the heritage of which one does not spontaneously think, Valérie Pécresse indicates having acquired three works of art for a total amount close to 60,000 euros (14,000, 35,000, and 10,0000 €, provided that a 0 has slipped too much in this last number, otherwise we would be at 140,000 euros in total). They are signed Joan MiroJean Helion and Mitro.
Nicolas Dupont-Aignan acquired, in 2015, a Denis Monfleur sculpture for the amount of 25,000 euros, thanks to a loan from La Poste. Emmanuel Macron, for his part, indicated that he had received nearly 1,200 euros in royalties for sales of his book “Revolution”published in November 2016.

Many candidates without cars

Not all candidates have a personal vehicle. Asset declarations reveal that it is Philippe Poutou, the NPA candidate, who has the most expensive car, a Peugeot 308 SW allure dating from 2020 and still listed at 22,500 euros at the argus. However, it is specified that he only bought it for 15,000 euros thanks to “various aids”. This is his only asset, since he has no apartment, house, or any type of real estate. Yannick Jadot, he rides an electric scooter while Anne Hidalgo, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Éric Zemmour, Marine Le Pen, and Emmanuel Macron do not have a vehicle in their name.


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