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Police arrest 16-year-old suspect | rbb24

 Police arrest 16-year-old suspect |  rbb24

For months, a series of fires in Spandau kept the police and residents in suspense. Now investigators reported the arrest of a suspected perpetrator. The 16-year-old is said to have been caught after another arson in the housing estate. After a long series of arson attacks in Berlin-Spandau, the police arrested a 16-year-old as the alleged perpetrator. The suspect was caught on Wednesday night shortly after a fire was discovered in a house on Maulbeerallee, the police said on Friday. On Thursday, a judge issued an arrest warrant. The arrest of the 16-year-old and an alleged 12-year-old accomplice was successful because police investigators had been very present in the area of ​​Heerstraße Nord in the past few weeks, according to the police. Because of the series of fires, a so-called investigation group called “Quartier” was deployed. The two young people are said to have set the fire in Maulbeerallee late Tuesday evening. Police officers report that they saw her immediately afterwards at the scene of the crime. Then the arrest was made. The two are also said to have started other fires in the residential area, police said. The investigations into this were still ongoing. “The assignment of the arson continues,” it said. Witnesses were asked to contact the “Quartier” investigation group (030/4664-912112) or one of the Berlin police stations by telephone. The fire brigade reported at the beginning of the year that there had been fires in the cellars in the Obstallee in Spandau for three to four months. In January, a fire in the basement of a high-rise building there triggered a large-scale operation involving 107 firefighters. Broadcast: Inforadio, January 14, 2022, 6:00 p.m

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