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Police arrest 14-year-olds accused of Magnuson Park armed robbery


Seattle police arrested two 14-year-olds who allegedly attacked and robbed another teen at gunpoint in Magnuson Park on October 7.

Police shared body cam footage of the takedowns on the official blotter website.

Officers arrived in the 7200 block of Sand Point Way Northeast around 10:30 p.m. and found a 15-year-old victim at a nearby business.

The boy said he was approached by multiple suspects wearing black clothing and ski masks, except for one who was wearing a white hooded sweatshirt.

Three of the suspects then allegedly aimed handguns at the boy while his pockets were searched for valuables.

During the robbery, the boy was allegedly assaulted which caused him to fall to the ground.

While on the ground, police say he was kicked several times before running from the attackers.

The boy said that he heard gunshots while running away but did not know where the shots came from.

When officers searched, they found two people who matched the suspect’s descriptions but they ran away. Police chased the two suspects on foot and soon detained both of them.

One 14-year-old was seen walking walking away from a dumpster before he was detained.

Police then checked the dumpster and found a loaded shotgun.

Both were arrested for robbery and assault. They were taken to the King County Child and Family Justice Center.