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Peter Gillis and Nicol will certainly not split up: ‘Not true at all’

Peter Gillis met zijn vriendin Nicol (foto: Wessel de Groot).

Gossip and backbiting. That is the world to which millionaire Peter Gillis and his girlfriend Nicol belong since they became famous Dutch. This time it was rumored that Peter and Nicol were going to break up. “Not true at all.” “How does that work? High trees do catch a lot of wind,” says Peter as he parks his car at the side of the road. The spotlights of the show news are often focused on the owner of the Oostappen Groep Vakantieparken and his girlfriend Nicol. “I went out with Nicol in Eindhoven, including in a gay bar. Always fun, especially at Carnival. A gay friend kisses Nicol full on the mouth. A photo is taken and it is distributed via social media. soon the story around that Nicol was cheating. Not at all true. That kiss was the most natural thing in the world. “During that period, Nicol was alone with the children at the Prinsenmeer holiday park, without Peter. “That may be right, because it was vacation and then Nicol goes to Prinsenmeer. I was not there during the day. Someone has to work during the day.” That fueled the gossip again. Peter: “In an earlier period, Nicol had posted a selfie with singer Ferry de Lits on Instagram or something. Then she would have an affair with Ferry. Also not true. Ferry regularly performs at our parks. We see each other regularly.” Peter also resolutely rejects the rumors that the couple regularly visits parties where alcohol and drugs are used. “Alcohol yes, but absolutely no drugs. We don’t like to party. As a well-known Dutch person you are constantly monitored. If you park your car wrong, you are already the sjaak.” But what about their relationship? “Good, there is nothing wrong with it. If the rumors were true, I would have been worried. But fortunately that is not the case. We went on a nice trip together during Carnival.”

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