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Partner Up With Influencers and Other Brands


Joining forces with influencers and other brands for an exchange of promotional activities is a fantastic opportunity to present yourself to a targeted new public and significantly increase their interest and recognition.

It is possible to partner jointly with a giveaway or another promotion, such as an event for sales or a sequence of content sponsored by a sponsor.

Run a Giveaway on Your Timeline

One of the most effective strategies you can implement to boost comments and likes is to hold an offer within your timeline on Facebook. It’s all you have to pay for the prize, and it will aid in engaging your audience to increase Likes and reach click here.

Run a Giveaway on a 3rd Party App

While it isn’t as effective as having a giveaway run directly on your Facebook timeline could be, if you are looking to expand your online reach and increase likes from new users, you must think about running an in-app giveaway using a platform such as Gleam’s competitions app and then promoting it on all your social media channels. This will enable you to get Likes (and other excellent actions) from highly relevant users who might turn into loyal customers and followers.

Please look at the demo we made to help you understand how you can use Gleam to increase your visibility through Facebook and beyond.

Although Facebook does not permit you to reward Facebook Likes when running an external giveaway directly, you’ll still be able to utilize your giveaway to direct people straight toward your Facebook page and then request them to Like it after they’re there.

The most significant benefit of hosting your giveaway on Gleam is that you’ll be able to bring people onto your Facebook page via many different sources that will allow you to expand your online followers and make your page visible to a considerable number of potential users.

Here are some tips for making more of your contest and utilizing it to build your profile on Facebook and create other powerful results:

Use Your Giveaway to Drive Likes From Visitors

If you host a contest that is run using Gleam, you can give entries to any person who views the page on Facebook. Then, you can ask them to confirm if they’ve already liked your page and offer them the opportunity to Like it within the giveaway. Although they’ll get their entry regardless, this could still entice people to follow your page.

Drive Likes From Your User Details Form

When you host a contest using Gleam, you can create an information form for users that requires participants to sign up for your giveaway using their email address before they can begin to complete the steps. This is not only an excellent way to increase your email list, but it’s also an excellent option to boost your Facebook page’s visibility. Enable, since you can allow people to like your page directly from your giveaway.

Use Giveaways to Promote Your Content

You could also use a contest to encourage users to read a Facebook post. This is a fantastic method to introduce users to high-quality content, make them want to visit your Facebook page, and possibly increase the number of Likes.

Use Secret Codes to Encourage Likes

Here’s a clever trick that you can utilize to increase Facebook Likes with your giveaway.

You can use the Gleam Secret Code action to award an assortment of extra entries to those who have entered an unidentified code. You will announce that you’ll reveal it on Facebook at an appropriate time during the giveaway. https://exactrelease.org/

This will encourage those who would like to participate in your contest to not just like your Facebook page but also be attentive enough to ensure they do not miss out on the opportunity.