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Parfumerie Presents Wholesale Fragrance Products Suppliers Made In the USA


Who is not fond of a good perfume? Who does not want to feel fresh & blossom?

Alright, We at Parfumerie, believe to provide the finest-quality products to our potential customers worldwide. We definitely know that you require the highest-quality fragrance and that is why you are here. We fulfill every demand of our consumers from oils to incense. 

In this quarantined time, are you still thinking from where you will receive the best-quality perfumes? The answer is simple – “The Parfumerie.”

What are our specialties?

  • Perfume supplies 

  • Oils

  • Incense 

In a world of harmful chemicals, we offer superior quality to our customers. We carry the therapeutic grade essential oils that are all natural and alcohol free. When it comes to authenticity and quality, all of our oils are unaltered and each one of them is hand-selected to meet high demands for purity. We work meticulously to create a customer experience that is pure and simple.

Why we are different from others? 

Each product is created and packaged to fit your customized needs. Our main goal is to stand for our clients and we are committed to provide you the highest quality. Our each product comes with a peace of mind and you need to worry for the quality part. 

We have a huge variety of products and we provide our consumers with utmost quality. 


  • Atomizers 

  • Roll on Bottles 

  • Apothecary & Fancy Bottles 

  • Vials 

  • Jars 

  • Enclosures & Caps 



  • Essential and carrier oils & hydrosols 

  • Musk oil 

  • Amber, Attar, Oudh & Specialty oils 

  • Designer inspired oils 

  • Floral oils 

  • Unisex & exotic oils 



  • Incense & supplies 

  • Incense burners 

  • Private label incense 

We at Parfumerie, work closely with the business and individuals that we serve. All of our products are available in different packages. Depending on your interest, we offer you various designs, colors and sizes for each of the products. 


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