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Optimize Your Medical Practice With These 5 Practice Mate Features


About Practice Mate 

There are hundreds of EHR software in the market right now which makes it a little confusing for anyone considering either getting a EHR software for the first time or even changing their current one. In this piece, we will be telling you about Practice Mate, a very popular EHR software. This software has been around for a while and is a great option for practices looking for low-cost options. The software is customizable and has several features which can benefit you and your practice. 


In this piece, we will be talking about everything; from Practice Mate reviews to Practice Mate demo! Keep reading to learn more about this popular software and just how it can help you! 

Features of Practice Mate Software 

Check Patient Eligibility Online 

The first feature in this software that we want to tell you about is the patient eligibility check which the software performs for you automatically. With this software, you are able to enter patient information and then have the software check whether or not they qualify for insurance immediately. 


This feature helps save you from the unfortunate incidents where you would otherwise find that out at the last minute that your patient does not have insurance and thus you might have them defaulting on their payment which is something no one wants. A lot of Practice Mate reviews talk about how this feature saves practices from a lot of grief! 

Free Set up and Training 

The next feature we want to tell you about is not a feature of the software in itself but a feature that is accompanied by the company. This feature is essentially you being able to get a free set up of the software as well as training on how to best use the software.


Essentially, you are able to get trained into how to proficiently use the software and thus the learning curve that might have come with the piece of technology is minimized considerably! 


Integrate to Softwares you are Currently Using

Another great feature which a lot of Practice Mate reviews praise is the fact that the software is able to integrate other types of software into it. The software allows for you to be able to add your billing and practice management software on to the same platform so that you can use everything from one place. 


This helps you to be able to streamline everything and be able to make sure that all the software that you need in order to manage and maintain your practice are in one place. 

File Claims Online for Free

One of the biggest issues that often comes with running a medical practice is filing claims since this is the biggest thing which you can have issues in. However, with Practice Mate you avoid this issue completely because of the fact that you are able to file claims online. This helps you streamline the process of filing claims and since the software automates some of the claim filing process, you do not have to worry about making mistakes either. 


All in all, with Practice Mate you are able to file claims seamlessly which leads to more of your claims being accepted as well which of course is a very positive thing for you!

Customer Support Representatives to Help

Another wonderful feature of Practice Mate which a lot of Practice Mate reviews talk about positively is the customer support feature that you have access to with this software. With this feature, you are easily able to connect with representatives for this software so that you can figure out whatever issue you might be having with it. This helps you figure out whatever issue you might be having with the software immediately and thus waste no time when it comes to troubleshooting your problems and getting solutions for them as well. 

Do we Recommend Practice Mate to You

In terms of whether or not we recommend the Practice Mate software to you, well only you can come to a conclusion for this question. We suggest you make a list of all the features you would ideally want in a software and then compare the list to the features in Practice Mate to make sure it matches what you need. 


You should also read as many Practice Mate reviews online as you possibly can so that you have a fair idea of what current users are saying about the software. We also recommend asking the vendor for a Practice Mate demo to see if the software will suit your needs!


Hopefully whatever decision you come to will be what is best for your medical practice’s needs!