Home Health Omikron: Aircraft do not need to be disinfected more frequently

Omikron: Aircraft do not need to be disinfected more frequently

Omikron: Aircraft do not need to be disinfected more frequently

Economy Despite Omicron

Disinfection on the plane will not be tightened

Status: 05:01 | Reading time: 2 minutes Safety on the plane: “There are no plans to update the guidelines” Source: picture alliance / NurPhoto In the summer of 2021, disinfection regulations for aircraft cabins were relaxed. Although the omicron variant is significantly more contagious, the aviation safety authority is sticking to the rules – only once a week has to be disinfected. The Omicron variant has caused the number of corona cases to rise to record highs in many countries. However, Europe’s top aviation safety authority EASA is not currently planning to withdraw the disinfection regulations for aircraft cabins that were relaxed in summer 2021. “An immediate update of the safety guidelines is not planned,” said a spokeswoman for WELT AM SONNTAG on request. The authority assumes that the airlines will disinfect the cabins according to the instructions, depending on the risk assessment. “Based on such assessments, the operators should introduce shorter disinfection intervals,” heh eats it from the EASA, but they themselves do not change their general conditions again. This is remarkable because in July last year, EASA extended the maximum interval between disinfections from 24 hours to seven days. This was justified by the falling corona incidence values ​​​​at the time and the vaccinations that were starting. Also read This allows the easing, it said. The authority introduced the 24-hour rule in March 2020 when the World Health Organization (WHO) classified the corona disease as a pandemic. Since then, the regulations (SD 2021-04/05) have been modified several times. For example, the cabin of every long-haul flight from or within Europe must be disinfected. As Lufthansa announced on request, it has not changed its cabin disinfection rhythm despite the relaxed EASA rules. A spokesman explained that the cleaning with a disinfectant in “Nightstop Cleaning”, i.e. every 24 hours at the latest, was maintained. In addition, following a standard procedure, the aircraft would be cleaned before each flight. “Basically, the risk of contracting the virus during a flight is very low,” says the airline’s information page. Read also The EASA has published an overall framework of hygiene recommendations and also refers to national instructions that the airlines must carry out the disinfection depending on the risk area or the corona variants in the areas targeted. For example, proof of negative corona tests is recommended. Airlines are also obliged to clean and disinfect the aircraft after carrying a passenger or crew member with corona symptoms and positive confirmation. Here you will find third-party content. In order to interact with or display third-party content, we need your consent. Enable external content

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