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NUVO Pure – Skincare Oil 50ml


17 Dec 2020, NUVO Pure is a skincare product that has a tagline, “Made By Nature.” Each bottle is packed with the greatness of co-milled blood orange olive oil, coconut oil, fresh rosemary, lavender buds, and essential oils that contain basil or wild orange & tangerine.

NUVO Pure is very subtle on skin and relaxes the skin from within where you apply it, activating your senses. Make it a part of your daily skincare routine and you will see the difference in how youthful your skin looks just after a few applications. The citrus smell and the benefits of the natural ingredients heal the skin and provide nourishment. 

To showcase one of our natural ingredients, blood orange oil provides antioxidant properties, and citrus from the fruit not only helps in looking younger but it helps in healing skin-related problems like dryness, acne, discoloration, and pigmentation. The secret lies in the regular application and massaging of the oil on your skin properly so that it gets absorbed through the pores.

Everyday post-shower, apply the oil on your face and body and gently massage on the areas needed and your skin will be smoother and shinier. After waxing or shaving, the skin can sometimes develop a rash or can be too dry. Application of NUVO Pure helps in healing the skin after shaving as the skin gets the much-needed nourishment.

Whether it is skin irritation, fine lines, wrinkles near the eyes, or patchy skin, just apply NUVO Pure and within a few days, your skin will be radiating. You can add a few drops of the oil with any of your face packs as well and the results will be exceptionally good. The oil works best in rough frazzled up hair as well where you just need to apply it on the tips and the frizz will go away.

For people suffering from odor in their sweat, NUVO Pure can be used as a deodorant as it helps in controlling perspiration and odor. With regular use, the problem of odor will completely eradicate over time. 

To feel fresh and lively each day with radiant looking skin, switch to NUVO pure skincare oil, which is free from parabens, alcohol, or any synthetic fragrances. It is made from 100 per cent natural ingredients.

About the brand:

The product is created by the brand NUVO that prepares 100 percent natural olive oil in their farms in California. The brand is home to an award-winning collection of extra virgin olive oils and where they have bagged Gold at the NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition, which is the largest and most prestigious olive oil quality contest.

This year they have introduced a skincare oil that contains 100 percent natural ingredients fresh from their farms. NUVO Pure skincare oil is available only on their website.