Home Sports Novak Djokovic appeals against Australia decision

Novak Djokovic appeals against Australia decision

Novak Djokovic appeals against Australia decision

The world’s best tennis player’s Australian legal team has obtained a further extension of his stay on the fifth continent. Just before 11 p.m. in Melbourne, Judge Anthony Kelly ruled that Djokovic was entitled to another hearing early Saturday morning. Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke had previously decided to revoke the visa for Australia for the unvaccinated tennis world number one for a second time.

Knowledge has never been more valuable Read F+ now for free for 30 days and get access to all articles on FAZ.NET. READ F+ NOW Christoph Hein Business correspondent for South Asia/Pacific based in Singapore. In the legal hearing about Djokovic’s visa withdrawal late Friday afternoon, Kelly was at times openly overwhelmed with every decision. On Monday, the same judge criticized the first withdrawal of the visa at the airport so clearly that the government withdrew it. Djokovic’s lawyer Nicholas Wood’s plan is open: “Every minute counts because the tournament starts on Monday,” he said on Friday night. He offered to submit all the necessary documents that night. The judge recommended a deadline for submitting the application until late Saturday afternoon, so that the final decision could then be made on Sunday. Ministers and government made no further statements during the night.

“Reasons of the minister completely different”

“We are where we are because the minister took so much time,” criticized attorney Wood. Then he attacked the minister: “A well-known person who poses a low risk to the public and has a medical exemption,” he wanted to be expelled. “The minister’s reasons are completely different from those put forward by the officials at the border.” That was a major legal error. Wood pointed out that the minister feared public unrest if Djokovic was not expelled. “But that can also happen if he is expelled,” argued Djokovic’s lawyer. The judge’s question at 9:17 p.m. local time showed how overwhelmed the system in Australia is in view of the heated atmosphere: “Has the applicant been taken back to detention pending deportation?” Wood was able to calm him down – the tennis star was in a safe, orderly Abode. In the late afternoon, Immigration Minister Hawke Kraft decided that Djokovic would have to leave Australia for good a week after his arrival. This means that Djokovic, who was number one there, could not defend his title at the Australian Open in Melbourne. He was also threatened with a three-year re-entry ban. “Today I have exercised my authority and revoked Mr. Novak Djokovic’s visa for reasons of health and good order, as this is in the public interest,” said Hawke after a review that had stretched over six days. With a view to the government under Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the wave of omicron infections, the minister added: “The Morrison government is determined to protect Australia’s borders, especially in connection with the corona pandemic.” Canberra rumors that the government is preparing for the tennis multi-millionaire’s deportation at all levels, including an increased police presence in Melbourne.

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