Home Technology New Intel CPUs: 4K Blu-Rays no longer playable

New Intel CPUs: 4K Blu-Rays no longer playable

New Intel CPUs: 4K Blu-Rays no longer playable

Hans Christian Dirscherl

Anyone using a PC with a Core i 12000 or Core i 11000 processor cannot play an Ultra HD Blu-ray. The reason.


New Intel CPUs: UHD Blu-Rays cannot be played

© Tada Images/Shutterstock.com If you want to watch a UHD Blu-Ray on your new PC with an Intel CPU, you are in for a surprise. Because Intel has removed the SGX security function from its current processors, as affected users complain in Internet forums and heise reports. However, SGX is required for playing UHD Blu-rays. Specifically, these are the processor series Core i-12000 (12th Core i generation) and Core i-11000 (11th Core i generation). Darin has removed support for Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX). Ultra HD Blu-Rays (also known as 4K Blu-Rays) are the successors to Blu-Ray and have a maximum resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels. If you now want to play an Ultra HD Blu-Ray on a PC with an Intel processor of the 11th or 12th generation, you will fail because of the requirements for Digital Rights Management (DRM) for UHD Blu-Rays on computers: The DRM requires, among other things, SGX. SGX is designed to prevent malware from accessing other applications’ sensitive data in the main memory. But SGX is only being further developed for Xeon processors. Among other things, in the data sheet for the 12th generation Core i processors, point 2.8 “Deprecated Technologies” states that “Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX)” is no longer supported. This note can be found in the data sheet for the 11th Intel Core i CPUs under 3.5. The company Cyberlink, which produces Blu-ray playback software for PCs with PowerDVD, among other things, only has this recommendation for affected users: “Users who are using an older compatible platform and Ultra HD Blu-ray playback compatibility on the PC and with PowerDVD If you want to keep enjoying it, we suggest you keep using 7th to 10th generation Core i series Intel CPUs and motherboards that support Intel SGX function. You should also consider not updating the operating system (e.g. upgrade to Windows 11) and associated Intel drivers to the latest versions, lest the Intel SGX feature be removed from your PC keep old hardware and software! However, the problem could be solved if the Blu-ray Disc Association dispensed with SGX for the DRM. Whether that will happen remains to be seen.

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