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New details emerge in fatal Scottsdale police shooting


New details have been released by Scottsdale Police Department regarding the fatal police-involved shooting that took place at a restaurant off of Horne and Broadway roads Monday afternoon.

In the initial report, Sgt. Aaron Bolin, a spokesperson for Scottsdale police, stated that two men suspected of committing a dangerous felony were in a car with a man described as a victim. While one suspect exited the car, and entered the restaurant, detectives rescued the victim from the car while shooting and killing the second suspect who was with him. The suspect, who was in the restaurant, then surrendered to the police.

On Tuesday afternoon, Sgt. Allison Sempsis, another spokesperson for the Scottsdale Police Department, released the name of the surviving suspect, 43-year-old Wyatt Edge, along with information about how the incident turned fatal.

The report indicated that the suspect, who was in the car with the victim, fired shots at the police when they attempted to intervene and rescue the victim, resulting in minor injuries to a detective. Four detectives then returned fire, striking the suspect, who was wearing body armor. He did not survive his injuries and was pronounced dead on the scene. The victim fled the car during the shooting and was taken to safety by detectives.

Edge reluctantly surrendered from inside the restaurant. He is now being charged with kidnapping the victim.

Sempsis said the kidnapping was not random, as Edge and the other suspect were related to a previous armed robbery that happened weeks prior in Scottsdale.

This is an ongoing investigation.

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This article originally appeared on Arizona Republic: New details emerge in fatal Scottsdale police involved shooting


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