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Mystery of his vault revealed

Mystery of his vault revealed

He was murdered 17 years ago: Rudolph Moshammer. The life of the fashion tsar with his lapdog under his arm was as legendary as it was mysterious. Now a new detail came to light. Photo series with 52 pictures It was perhaps the biggest celebrity shock news in 2005. A prostitute was murdered Rudolph Mosehammer in his pompous Grünwald villa with a power cable. The famous fashion tsar died at the age of 64, leaving behind a number of legends and myths that have grown around him throughout his life. One of the more obvious secrets, because everyone probably keeps them consciously behind closed doors: the contents of their safe. After Moshammer’s murder, the police opened the safe and made an unusual discovery. This is now reported by bodyguard Werner Wittek in an interview with the “Bild” newspaper. Accordingly, he was asked by the police to be a close confidante of the dead man when the safe was opened in the basement of the villa. “His medical records were in there. He was constantly being treated, but that should remain secret. All documents from the doctor’s visits were immediately locked away in the safe,” says the designer’s former bodyguard.

“His sex life kept Moshammer very busy”

Wittek also describes a theory as to why precisely this content was slumbering in the safe. The 59-year-old assumes that “Mosi” discussed his homosexuality, which he never publicly lived out, with his personal doctor. These conversations, he suspected, were also part of the file. “Moshammer was very busy with his sex life, but unfortunately an outing wasn’t as easy back then as it is today,” says Wittek, describing the dilemma. The bodyguard also commented on the murder of his former boss: “I wish I could have prevented that. I had delivered him at home shortly beforehand,” says Wittek, who always had to deliver Moshammer to the door and was never allowed into the four walls , as he explains. That also had to do with his sex life, which the fashion czar had always kept strictly under wraps.

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