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Michael Stich – Djokovic’s explanations “unbelievable” tennisnet.com

Michael Stich - Djokovic's explanations

Former Wimbledon champion Michael Stich holds the explanations of Novak Djokovic for his behavior after his corona infection for “unbelievable”. by SID

last edited: 01/13/2022, 4:35 p.m.© Getty ImagesMichael Stich does not trust Novak Djokovic’s statements a positive PCR test in an interview with French journalists. “Since he always plans everything very carefully, it just doesn’t fit into the picture you have of him,” said Stich der Spiegel Sports newspaper L’Equipe just didn’t want to let it down – even though he had tested positive for the corona virus two days earlier. Stich considers this reasoning “to be honest, not credible – and not corresponding to Djokovic’s person”.

Stich has canceled interviews

“As a former tennis pro, I can only say that it’s usually not particularly difficult to cancel an interview,” said the 53-year-old: “You don’t think too much about disappointing someone if it’s your own decision “In addition to the violation of the world number one against the isolation regulations in his home country of Serbia, false information on the entry documents to Australia had also become known. According to Djokovic, his management is responsible for the error. Here, too, Stich “difficulty believing the reasoning”, as he said: “Of course it’s possible for an employee to make the wrong choice. But right now, in times of Corona, something like that shouldn’t happen.” In general The confused situation surrounding the entry of the Grand Slam record winner at Stich causes “basically a lack of understanding about the actions of everyone involved”, from Djokovic to the Tennis Australia Association to the authorities. The story is now “so politicized that respect for all the other professionals who compete in Melbourne is lost,” Stich said angrily: “We’re only talking about one person.” Here’s the individual tableau of the Australian Open 2022Don’t miss any news!Turn on notifications: Djokovic Novak

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