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‘Mean Girls’ reunion commercial stars Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried


Most of the Mean Girls cast — including Lindsay Lohan, Lacey Chabert, and Amanda Seyfried — held a super-fetch reunion for a new Walmart commercial that serves as a mini sequel to the 2004 teen-comedy classic.

The clip, advertising the retailer’s upcoming Black Friday extravaganza, stars the trio reprising their Mean Girls characters in a slightly remixed fashion, with Lohan’s Cady Heron, Chabert’s Gretchen Wieners, and Seyfried’s Karen Smith taking on new duties as grown-ups.

“At North Shore, some things never change. On Wednesdays, we still wear pink,” Lohan says at the top of the commercial, just before Chabert appears in a convertible and urges a new group of teens to “get in,” recalling an iconic scene from the flick.

Next, Seyfried recreates her character’s legendary newscast from the Mean Girls ending, quipping that there’s “a 30 percent chance that it’s already Wednesday.”

Lohan later pops up as a North Shore guidance counselor and attempts to make the word “grool” happen with a pair of students. Meanwhile, Chabert tries to pass “fetch” on to a new generation (spoiler alert: it doesn’t work).

Lacey Chabert, Lindsay Lohan, and Amanda Seyfried reunite for a ‘Mean Girls’ Walmart commercial.
Lindsay Lohan/X

Another scene welcomes Missy Elliott, who contributed the song “Pass That Dutch” to the Mean Girls soundtrack, playing a reinterpretation of Coach Carr.

Other Mean Girls cast members who reprised their roles for the ad include Rajiv Surendra, who played Kevin Gnapoor in the original movie, and Daniel Franzese, who played Damian.

Though many of the movie’s original stars returned for the commercial, Rachel McAdams (who played Regina George), Lizzy Caplan (Janis Ian), and Jonathan Bennett (Aaron Samuels) were notably absent.

EW has reached out to the actors’ representatives for more information.

Daniel Franzese in ‘Mean Girls’ Walmart commercial.
Lindsay Lohan/X

Walmart’s advertisement comes two months before writer Tina Fey’s upcoming musical movie adaptation of Mean Girls is set to hit theaters in January. Fey and Tim Meadows will return as Ms. Norbury and Principal Duval, respectively, for the new project. However, Lohan, Chabert, Seyfried, and McAdams will not portray their characters.

Watch the Mean Girls stars reunite in the new Walmart Black Friday commercial above.

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