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Marc Terenzi and girlfriend Viviane have split up

Marc Terenzi and girlfriend Viviane have split up


In November 2019, they made their love official. Now Marc Terenzi has announced the separation from his girlfriend Viviane. The two want to go their separate ways in the future. Photo series with 25 pictures “Many of our friends already know about this”, began Marc Terenzi his statement on Instagram on Tuesday. “Vivi and I haven’t been together for a few months.” With these words, the musician announced the separation from his partner Viviane Ehrlich-Kleinau.

“It’s better this way for now”

They are still “very good friends”. In addition, the stylist will “always have a special place” in Marc Terenzi’s heart, the singer continues. In the future, both would want to concentrate on their careers. “We have decided that for the moment it is better that way,” the statement continued. Viviane Ehret-Kleinau shared her ex-boyfriend’s lines in her Instagram story. She herself has not yet spoken out about the separation.

“We have so much fun together”

Marc Terenzi and Viviane Ehret-Kleinau became a couple in September 2019 and made their love official two months later. They first appeared together on the red carpet at an event in November 2019. “She makes my life better,” enthused Marc Terenzi in an interview with RTL at the time. “We have so much fun together.” Now, two and a half years later, the love sky looks different. The former king of the jungle is officially single again. Marc Terenzi became famous with the boy band Natural. In 2004, the musician fell in love with Sarah Connor, the two became a couple and married a year and a half later in front of the cameras. In 2010 they separated. The couple have two children: Summer, 15, and Tyler, three years her senior.

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