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Loopys Guarantees Cheap Designer Turkish Towels Made From 100% Organic Cotton


Belrose, NSW (exactrelease.org) December 14, 2020 – Turkish towels are well-known for their super absorbency. The secret to this absorbing quality lies in the unique Turkish organic cotton. Loopys Towels, a popular online store that sells fabulous Turkish towels, claims their towels are made from 100% Turkish organic cotton.

“We use towels for so many purposes; take it for bath, use it as a cheap beach towel, travel towel, picnic rug, scarf, gym companion and much more. The most used piece of fabric in our everyday life should be a natural product that does not contain any chemicals. Each of our designer Turkish towel is looped and loomed using 100% organic cotton. Regular towels that are made using synthetic fibre can irritate your skin, and some people even feel allergic to it,” adds the spokesperson for Loopys Towels.

As the Turkish towels are soft and lightweight, they occupy less space than normal towels. It can be a perfect gift for your loved ones as they last longer and become softer on usage. By purchasing a Turkish towel online at Loopys, you also support an eco-friendly business.

“The cotton used in our towels are grown organically in Turkey without the use of agricultural chemicals, such as pesticides and fertilisers. Pest control is done in a natural way without using harmful chemicals. By using 100% organic cotton, we support and promote organic farming that will enhance biodiversity and biological cycles,” proudly adds the spokesperson.

Loopys Turkish towels come in multiple bright colours and unique designs with beautiful hand-knotted tassels. As they are made using premium Turkish cotton, they are colour safe and don’t bleed on each wash. The hand-loomed towels weigh 280 grams approximately with a size of 180 cm x 100 cm.

About Loopys:

Loopys is an Australian based online store that sells a wide range of Turkish towels at affordable prices. These hammam towels are made using 100% premium Turkish organic cotton. They are soft, lightweight, and quick to dry.

For more information, visit https://www.loopystowels.com.au/.