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LIVE: Men’s Downhill Ski World Cup in Wengen on Friday – preliminary report, start list and live ticker – start time: 12.30 p.m


Wengen – The mammoth program in Wengen is on the World Cup calendar these days. One day after the Super-G, a downhill will be held. In general, the speed specialists are very challenged, as they have to complete three missions within 72 hours. The starting gun for the first descent will sound at 12.30 p.m. (CET). The official FIS start list for the men’s downhill race in Wengen on the Lauberhorn, on Friday at 12.30 p.m., as well as the start numbers and the FIS live ticker can be found here in the menu right after the draw.

Facts and Figures – Men’s Ski World Cup
Downhill of the men in Wengen (Friday)

FIS start list: 1st downhill men in Wengen
FIS live ticker: 1st downhill men in Wengen
FIS final score: 1st downhill men in Wengen FIS final score: 2nd downhill training in Wengen
Final FIS standings: 1st downhill training in Wengen overall men’s World Cup standings 2020/21
World Cup Standings Downhill Men 2020/21 Nations Cup: Men’s ranking
Nations Cup: overall standings
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The program for the first downhill at the @WorldcupWengen has been confirmed. Racing starts at 12:30 CET from the alpine combined start ✅#fisalpine pic.twitter.com/auS0tuuBuC
— FIS Alpine (@fisalpine) January 14, 2022

In the discipline rating Dominic Paris from South Tyrol a nose ahead. Anyone who knows the power pack from Ultental knows that they also want to be successful on the Lauberhorn before there is a chamois to be won in Kitzbühel. But also the Austrian Matthew Mayer and the Swiss Niels Hintermann want to make life difficult for their competitors from the country between the Brenner Pass and the Salurner Klause. Hintermann can be described as the big surprise of this year’s downhill winter. The Norwegian Aleksander Aamodt Kilde is always up for success in the fastest discipline, even if there have been four different winners in the four downhills that have been held so far. The Confederate Beat Feuz, the last winner on the Lauberhorn, is about to become a father for the second time. Nevertheless, he wants to be successful and get back in the fight for the small crystal ball with a more than good place, in his case it would be the fifth in a row. his compatriot Marco Odermatt, victorious in the Super-G, wants to continue riding the wave of success and claim another top result in Wengen. The ÖSV gentlemen Daniel Hemetsberger and Otmar Striedinger want to show what they are made of and stand with their heads held high in the finish area of ​​the Mönch, Eiger and Jungfrau. The US boy Bryce Bennett, who celebrated his first World Cup victory of his career this winter, not only wants to achieve great things because of his height of 201 cm. The experienced Frenchman John Clarey would like to prove that he is far from being on the scrap heap. We can and may expect a very good placement from Bennett’s teammates Ryan Cochran Siegle, but also by the Austrian Max Franz, the Italian Matteo Marsaglia, the German Romed Baumann, the Slovenian Bostjan Kline and the South Tyrolean Christopher Innerhofer expect. The reigning downhill world champion Vincent Kriechmayr also wants to be successful, although he wasn’t allowed to complete a training drive. Today’s team captain meeting will decide whether he can start tomorrow’s descent. All nations would have to vote for the exemption. Comes from the ranks of the Equipe Tricolore Mathieu Bailet. You can definitely trust him to jump into the top 10. We can also apply this assessment to the US boy Travis Ganong or the DSV men Andrew Sander and Joseph Ferstl or on the azure athlete Mattia Casse convert

The weather forecast for the “Lauberhorn Week” is promising, the slopes are in excellent condition: the OC of the International Lauberhorn Race Wengen is looking forward to a wonderful winter sports event. It is very important to the organizers to provide the best possible protection for athletes, fans and the public in the current pandemic situation. Tickets are only sold in advance so that there is enough time on site for the necessary certificate checks. The OC also urges fans to wear masks and keep their distance. Furthermore, the entire hotel staff in Wengen has been tested for Covid-19 in the last few days as planned.

The Lauberhorn descent and its history
The descent in Wengen is and remains a timeless classic. Every starter must have courage, willingness to take risks and physical condition. In addition, a perfect and almost flawless technique is an advantage when it comes to the Russisprung, the Traversenschuss, the Hundschopf, the Minsch Kante as an ingenious mix of jumps, curves, technical understanding and choice of line, but also the Alpweg with the Kernen-S, the water station, the Hanneggschuss, the Seilersboden, the Silberhornsprung or the Ziel-S. The key point is the Langentrejen, a thankless section of the slope. This is a flat section with long changes in direction; Here you can win the race or lose everything. The alpine ski resort of Wengen at the foot of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau has been an integral part of the ski circuit since the beginning of World Cup history. The Lauberhorn descent with a length of 4.2 km and a journey time of more than two and a half minutes promises thrills, adrenaline and much more. The route, which is equipped with daring jumps and long gliding passages, demands everything from the daredevil gentlemen.

Looking back – season 2019/20
Men’s downhill skiing in Wengen
The men’s downhill classic was held on the Lauberhorn in Wengen. Because it snowed during the night, the race was tackled from the station wagon start, which resulted in a running time that was around 45 seconds shorter. The day’s win went to Beat Feuz. The South Tyrolean Dominik Paris and the German Thomas Dreßen came in second and third. With the newly crowned Wengen combination winner Matthias Mayer, the best Austrian ranked fourth. Confederate Mauro Caviezel delighted his home crowd and finished fifth. Best Viking was once again Aleksander Aamodt Kilde in sixth place. Bryce Bennett from the USA, who started the race with the number 1, came in seventh. Last year’s Austrian winner Vincent Kriechmayr had nothing to do with the decision today, came down eighth and had to share the place with Swiss ski man Niels Hintermann. Reigning downhill world champion Kjetil Jansrud from Norway finished eleventh behind young Swiss Ralph Weber, who started the race with number 34.

Men’s downhill races of the 2021/22 season
1st Men’s Downhill at Lake Louise
The downhill specialists started their new season in Lake Louise with a 24-hour delay. The Austrian caught it Matthew Mayer a tailor-made start. The Carinthian won ahead of his teammate Vincent Kriechmayr and the Swiss Beat Feuz. his compatriot Marco Odermatt landed in fourth place. The Austrian Max Franz finished the race in fifth place. Romed Baumann from Germany placed sixth in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. The Frenchman Mathieu Bailet swung to seventh place as the best of the Equipe Tricolore. South Tyrolean Dominik Paris followed in eighth place. In the end, the Norwegian Aleksander Aamodt Kilde had to settle for ninth place. The American Ryan Cochran-Siegle completed the top ten in the ranking.
2. Men’s Downhill at Beaver Creek (Saturday)
The Norwegian won the first descent in Beaver Creek Aleksander Aamodt Kilde. The Austrian Matthew Mayer finished second, missing out on his second consecutive win on North American snow. The Swiss Beat Feuz finished third. The newly minted young father Matteo Marsaglia from Italy swung before the South Tyrolean Dominic Paris down to fourth place. The master of the house Ryan Cochran Siegle ended up sixth. The Swiss Niels Hintermann occupied the seventh position. The two ÖSV athletes Daniel Hemetsberger and Vincent Kriechmayr were almost equally fast and lined up in eighth and ninth place. With Adrian Smiseth Sejersted a Norwegian with the number 31 made it to tenth place.
3rd men’s downhill race in Val Gardena
The American triumphed in the downhill classic on the “Saslong”. Bryce Bennett. The Austrian swung to second place Otmar Striedinger away. The Confederate Niels Hintermann climbed to the lowest step of the podium in third place. The South Tyrolean Dominic Paris missed the podium in fourth place. The Swiss Beat Feuz He swung away in fifth place and came in a razor-thin ahead of the experienced Frenchman John Clarey the sixth became a. The azure ski racer Mattia Casse mastered all the key sections of the “Saslong” with flying colors and was happy about the successful run, which brought him seventh place. Simon Jocher from the DSV team with the high start number 51 smashed the eighth best time in the snow. Jocher’s countryman Joseph Ferstl was happy with the ninth place. Second best ÖSV representative Max Franz, who could be quite satisfied with his tenth place.
4th Men’s Downhill in Bormio
Between Christmas and New Year, the men’s World Cup downhill was held in Bormio. The South Tyrolean won Dominic Paris in front of the two Swiss Marco Odermatt and Niels Hintermann. Best Austrian was Daniel Hemetsberger, who narrowly missed out on the podium in fourth place. The German Dominik Schwaiger was happy with fifth place. Aleksander Aamodt Kilde from Norway placed sixth in the classification. Vincent Kriechmayr from Team Austria had to be satisfied with seventh place. The top ten of the day were from the American Travis Ganong (8.) the ÖSV athlete Daniel Danklmaier (9th) and the azure representative Matteo Marsaglia (10th) completed.

The men’s ski world cup calendar for the 2021/22 season
The women’s ski world cup calendar for the 2021/22 season
Preliminary report for skiweltcup.tv: Andreas Raffeiner

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