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Limited Period Offer for CONSULT® Automation Software

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CONSULT® have announced a 30% price discount for their cloud-based SaaS invoicing automation with immediate effect for new customers who order the software before midnight of 31 December, 2020.

CONSULT® is a reputed invoicing software that IT staffing business managers trust for preparing invoices that have to be accurate, fast and compliant with customer expectations. The company had recently launched a website exclusively for CONSULT® with full information about the product and the extensive benefits it offers businesses for improving their company’s bottom line.

Speaking to press persons, a spokesperson for the company said that the software offers customers an advanced billing experience that helps small and medium size IT staffing companies to automate their invoicing process that costs as little as $0.69/invoice. She added, “CONSULT® is offering a 30% discount valid midnight of 31 December, 2020 and customers can grab this one-time offer and immensely benefit.”

CONSULT® has unique features that make even complex invoices easy to make. Some top invoicing features included in the application are: consultant timesheet entry module, automated reminder for A/R and timesheet, scheduled invoicing and submission, unique dashboard for overall control and a QuickBooks compliant user interface.

The spokespersons added, “CONSULT® is designed for use with QuickBooks online integration for added features not available in the accounting software.” Further she added, “we follow a transparent pricing policy and customers are assured of a nothing-in-fine print unpleasant surprises.”

“Customers are reporting up to 80% time saving in the invoicing and A/R processing according to current users. Due to the high precision invoicing ability of the software, the chances of bills being returned minimized and payments get processed,” say user sources.

IT staffing companies can also use a free version at this website https://www.consultapp.ai/pricing