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Lidl is doing a lot for your health with an object at an unbeatable price

Lidl is doing a lot for your health with an object at an unbeatable price


LIDL is coming into more and more homes. The reason is simple: the German brand makes offers that are hard to refuse! With a discount approach to food, the stores had quickly built up a loyal clientele. This continues to expand. Indeed, LIDL offers attractive products well beyond the food-related departments. Customers can find a wide variety of objects and appliances for the whole house. In terms of household appliances, the discount brand bluffs everyone. From the food processor to the 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner, from the manicure set to the multifunction raclette machine, LIDL has thought of all expectations. With the health crisis, we have never spent so much time at home. This brought to light the importance of a healthy interior. The stores have therefore thought of you with an air purifier that will work miracles in your home!

LIDL offers you a real breath of fresh air without leaving the house!

LIDL offers for sale this SILVERCREST air purifier to capture suspended particles in your interior. Something to clean up without having to systematically open the windows. With its 180 cm power cord, this air purifier will easily be placed where you need it. Its design is sober and elegant. The upper control panel also displays a different color depending on the air quality. Blue, yellow or red, then you will know immediately if the air in your home is satisfactory. For increased efficiency and dust capture, the device includes an ion generator. You can choose to activate it or not according to your needs. Operation is based on a tripe filter system (pre-filter, EPA filter and activated carbon filter). This captures all sizes of suspended particles in a room to purify the atmosphere.

This SILVERCREST air purifier will work wonders in your home! LIDL mentions that this SILVERCREST air purifier is effective for a volume of 15 m². It will be perfect for a child’s room or a play corner. You can also install it near your favorite armchair or sofa to take full advantage of its action. The type of ventilation can be adjusted in four levels. No need to worry about energy. The air purifier includes a timer system with automatic shutdown. When the filter needs to be changed, an indicator lets you know. LIDL points out that the device is capable of filtering 130 m³ of air per hour. It is therefore a real ally for your health. If you are prone to allergies or sensitive to various particles, this is a purchase you will not regret. Your wallet will not be allergic to its price either. Sold for 59.99 euros, this SILVERCREST air purifier is a real breath of fresh air.

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