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Lia Infraservices 4th Anniversary

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Lia infraservices, the global Software Development Company in Chennai, India is stepping on to the successful 5th year on this day 4th November 2020. 


Today Lia infraservices software solutions continue to be an integral part of the world’s online business presence. Since the company’s formation, the business continues to grow and now serving across India, Newzealand, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and the USA.


Over the course of the period, we have successfully built a strong client relationship and working hard to build Lia infraservices with its own identity and culture.


Stepping on to the successful 5th year – Milestone


2016 – November: Started the company as an infrastructure support company for enterprise based clients.


2017 – Got shocking news from our premium client to hold the service for a few months, thereafter they resumed the services with us after 6 months. Expanded our team in Web and Mobile App Development.


2018 – Diversified into Software Development and collaborated with some big international clients.


2019 – Diversified into Digital transformation services to facilitate our client’s digital branding requirements. Collaborated with a leading company in the Middle East.


2020 – Collaborated with a US-based company and did a challenging project on AWS recognition using Lambda.


While we are on the progressive path, 2020 – COVID19 hit us badly and we had to lose a few of our clients.


Though the journey of our company is not smooth, it has a lot of ups and downs. But we as a team standing strong and facing challenges to move forward. We are continuing to upskill ourselves and adopting the new technology to provide a smooth transition to our customers. Thanking my team for the complete support and for being Lia infraservices backbone.


Looking on to the future, our continued focus and efforts on innovation across Software Development, Designing, Digital Marketing & Cloud Migration Services will drive value for our stakeholders. 


About Lia Infraservices

Lia Infraservices is a leading IT company with a talented team solving various business challenges that arise in the IT Industry across the globe.