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“Let’s Dance” star Oana Nechiti: This is how son Nikolas deals with her pregnancy


Since the former “let’s dance“-Stars Oana Nechiti (33) and Eric Klan (34) revealed in October 2021 that they are becoming parents for the second time, the smile is written on their faces. Together with son Nicholas (9), the couple is gradually preparing for the birth and is also letting its fans participate more and more in the pregnancy. In her Instagram story, Oana is now even answering questions from her followers – it is clear that the focus is particularly on pregnancy. How did son Nikolas react to the baby news? And is there already a name for your second miracle? With her open nature, Oana Nechiti reveals a few details. In the video above you can see how magical Oana Nechiti is with her baby bump Shooting with BUNTE stages.

The reaction of Oana Nechiti’s son Nikolas was so touching

It’s no secret that the son of Oana Nechiti and Erich Klann has been dreaming of a sibling for a long time. His reaction to the pregnancy his mom is therefore not surprised. Oana reveals: “Niki cried and was overwhelmed. It was his greatest wish.” So it’s no wonder that the 9-year-old is involved in all the details from now on: “He was allowed to tell every family member and was incredibly happy about it. He also thought long and hard about the name search and had a say in it and is 100 percent there.” However, the famous dancers will keep the name to themselves until they are born.

Nikolas supports the “Let’s Dance” stars full of energy

Oana, who is now 27 weeks pregnant, is visibly proud of her son. He wants in household take on more responsibility to relieve his mother: “He doesn’t let me carry anything anymore. He carries the groceries around the house when Erich isn’t there, has made vacuuming his job and asks me about everything I eat if I allowed to eat it. Niki is a blessing and a child prodigy.” It is not yet known whether Nikolas can look forward to a little sister or a little brother. The soon-to-be parents of two prefer to keep this detail to themselves. Ex “Let’s Dance” star Oana reveals: “I’m a little cautious about that. Women who have gone through life will definitely understand.”

Oana Nechiti and Erich Klann are making their dreams come true

It’s not just the new offspring that keeps Oana Nechiti and her family on their toes, her new home is also causing a lot of hustle and bustle. “This year things are really getting down to business. We decided on a construction company, the planning with our architects is about 70 percent complete,” says Oana. That the house building She knows it won’t be a small project: “Because we have an incredible love of detail, but it will suit us 100 percent.”

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