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Know More About the Best Heart Rate for fat loss from Mr. Activated

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Weight loss and weight management are two important topics that we never fail to discuss. Irrespective of whether you are a figure-conscious person or simply wish to be at your healthiest best, it is natural for us to be bothered with issues like over-weight and under-weight. It is the former that causes sleepless nights for many of us. 


Did you know that there is something called ‘the best heart rate for fat loss’? Maybe you would have heard of it, or it may so happen that you have no idea about what it means and indicates. Much research has happened in this gamut, and yes, there is the best heart rate for losing fat. It effectively means that your fat loss program is going to the most fruitful when you exercise at this particular heart rate. But, how to calculate the heart rate where the body loses maximum fat? To understand this concept, you need to know that there is a Maximum Heart Rate or MHR, a simple calculation – subtract your age from 220. There are varying percentages of the MHR that indicate what kind of exercise or workout can be done and how effectively it can help in fat loss. For example, when you work out at 50% or 70% of the MHR, you must do light cardio exercise, resulting in normal fat loss. Similarly, there is the moderate-intensity zone, the High-intensity zone, and the Maximum intensity zone. 


Understanding and then working out at the best heart rate zone for fat loss can be a bit complicated, and you need to take the assistance of a specialist to understand it all better. Mr. Activated, an entrepreneur who also is an expert on meditation and breathing techniques, helps you comprehend this concept and also advises you on the best exercise techniques to get started on reducing the excess fat. Since he is trained in the ancient methods of yoga and meditation, he approaches the entire topic with a holistic overview. So, you can expect to take back learnings that will help you modify your lifestyle, diet, and other aspects of your life to better synchronize your physical and mental health. 


Mr. Activated has had an exemplary life where he has witnessed the nadir of stresses and anxieties of daily living and the zenith of achieving mental well-being and health. For bringing in a change in your perspective towards life, thoughts, inhibitions, and beliefs, get in touch with Mr. Activated, who will equip you to cruise the journey of life more effectively

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