Home World Klitschko on Ukraine negotiations: “A slap in the face”

Klitschko on Ukraine negotiations: “A slap in the face”

Klitschko on Ukraine negotiations:

The situation on the border of Russia with Ukraine is explosive. Negotiations between the US and Russia have collapsed. According to “Spiegel”, NATO insiders fear a Russian invasion on several fronts.The Mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko is ready to defend his country, as he wrote in the “Bild”. The politician also criticized the talks between the United States and its allies and Russia. Security in Ukraine was discussed without the country being directly involved. This was “a slap in the face,” said the ex-boxing world champion.

Klitschko expects help from the federal government

In view of the concerns about a Russian attack, he expects the support of the federal government. However, Germany is reluctant to supply its country with defensive weapons – in his view, for fear of provoking Putin. “This position is difficult to understand.” Start your day well informed: Every morning at 7 a.m., the MOPO news alarm clock provides you with the most important reports of the day from Hamburg and the north, from HSV and FC St. Pauli directly by e-mail. Click here and subscribe for free.Russia sees itself threatened by NATO, demands an end to NATO’s eastward expansion and, in particular, a renunciation of Ukraine’s membership. The US categorically rejects such a commitment. Western countries, on the other hand, are alarmed by the Russian troop buildup near Ukraine. Around 100,000 soldiers are now said to be stationed there – with tanks, drones and artillery.

NATO fears a blow to its own states

Klitschko made it clear that an attack on Ukraine would not only affect his compatriots. The Russian head of state will not leave it at that country, his next target will then be the Baltic states. “And when he speaks of his desire to give back the Soviet empire, that also includes the former GDR. Therefore, the threat of war against Ukraine should alarm every German.”You might also be interested in: Not because of disarmament: Russia is positioning fighter jets on the Ukraine borderAs the “Spiegel” reports, there are fears in NATO that Russian armed forces will use their presence in the Mediterranean, North Atlantic and Arctic to also act against NATO countries. “There is a real risk of a new armed conflict in Europe,” said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. (vd)

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