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Kanye West: Did he punch a fan at 3 a.m.? – People

 Kanye West: Did he punch a fan at 3 a.m.?  - People

Kanye West excitement again!Is the star rapper now completely spinning? KanyeWest in the focus of the police! The LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) is investigating the 44-year-old for assault.Wild screams, one man is lying on the ground, another is raging wildly. Pure chaos. “Get away from me!” the raging rabid yells at a woman. That should have been Kanye West. And he is said to have just punched a fan. This is also indicated by the Bentley, which stands with the door open on the side of the road and is regularly spotted with Kanye. West, who is always good for a scandal anyway, is said to have hit the man once on the head and once on the neck. A video allegedly taken AFTER the crime shows the man lying on the ground. In a video that is also available to the police, Kanye West can apparently be seen arguing with a woman, behind the musician’s Bentley Photo: action press A man with a mouth and nose mask is lying on the floor, Kanye West is said to have just hit him twice Photo : actionpress

According to the US portal “TMZ” This crazy incident happened on Thursday night around 3 a.m. in front of the “Soho Warehouse” club in the middle of Los Angeles. The clip, which is also available to the police in addition to “TMZ”, shows a lot, just not the crime itself. Witnesses claim that Kanye struck just a few seconds before the present recording. The LAPD has already started investigating Kanye aka Ye

Bizarre: The woman trying to calm the rapper is said to be related to Ye. She keeps saying, “I’m your family.” TMZ writes that it’s Kanye West’s cousin.
But how did the supposed beatings come about? According to witnesses, Ye was recognized by the fan. Kanye is said to have previously made it clear that he didn’t want to take any photos. Another witness claims the rapper also said he was struggling with his divorce. A fan responded that everyone was going through family stuff, which is said to have escalated the situation. Kanye is said to have struck!
Did Kanye actually need an outlet for his breakup with Kim Kardashian (41)? It’s no secret that the musician is still suffering from the breakup. The mega couple officially separated in early 2021, and Kim wants a divorce. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have been married since 2014, now she wants a divorcePhoto: picture alliance / Captital Pictures

But: Now Ye, as West only calls himself, is on the road with a new flame. Julia Fox (31) is the rapper’s current girlfriend. It sparked on New Year’s Eve. Just a stopgap or more? Julia’s big idol, by the way: Kim Kardashian…

Kanye West was out with girlfriend Julia Fox the same evening before he freaked out Photo: action press Loving kiss: Kanye has found a new friend in Julia, but apparently the divorce with Kim is still troubling him Photo: Agency People Image

West spent the evening with Fox before the incident, both of whom celebrated exuberantly at the Delilah Club in Hollywood with pop queen Madonna (63), as photos show. A snapshot shows the couple leaving the club. Just before the rapper reportedly lost his temper. Behind them, the victim is said to be seen in the photo, who is following them.

Behind Julia Fox you can see the man with the mask, who is said to be the victim in the videoPhoto: action press According to “TMZ” and Fox, the attack only happened in front of the Soho Warehouse, almost 16 kilometers away. Does that match at all? At least the person in the video lying on the floor and the one in the photo in front of the Delilah club seem to match visually. It’s possible that the fan specifically followed Kanye… All parties will probably not soon forget this evening!

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