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Interview | With a child to the PCR post-test: “If someone really has symptoms, you can’t do it at all”

 Interview |  With a child to the PCR post-test:

Interview | With a child to the PCR post-test site – “If someone really has symptoms, you can’t do it at all”

dpa/Wolfram SteinbergVideo: evening show | 01/13/2022 | Andrew Ulrich | Photo: dpa/Wolfram Steinberg When her seven-year-old son tested positive for Corona at school on Thursday, mother Maren K. took him to one of the Senate’s post-PCR test centers. Before that: a queue of about two kilometers. Five hours of waiting in the drizzle. rbb24: Hello Mrs. K., you have two sons aged seven and ten. Your younger son tested positive for the corona virus at his elementary school on Thursday morning and you were sent with him to the post-PCR test. How did that go? Maren K.: My son had the positive result in a routine test for Corona when school started. Shortly after eight o’clock I got the call that that was the case and that I could pick him up. The class was going on a field trip so there was a lot of excitement. Because there was a certain amount of time pressure. I was supposed to pick up my son from the secretariat. When I arrived, he was sitting there in a large anteroom, waiting to be picked up – along with the children who were in his immediate vicinity in class.

How many children were sent home? The class teacher explained to me that the helicopter principle is used: the direct bench neighbors and the classmates who are sitting in front of and behind the child in question are sent home. There are also two classmates that my son plays with regularly. His older brother, who attends the same school, was also dropped out of class. Just do it this way as a precaution. The big brother was then taken out of the class even though he tested negative? Oddly enough, my older son wasn’t even tested at school on Thursday. Although that should still take place every day throughout the week. So far I haven’t been able to figure out why. It was said the tests were over. In the secretariat, the employee was a bit overwhelmed with the overall situation. Afterwards, I noticed that there were still positive tests in several classes, and there was probably a lot to do and many parents had to be informed. I then tested negative for my older son at home. I think you then set out for the post-PCR test with your little son. Where did you have to go? I first checked where the Senate’s test centers are. You get a stamped form from the school stating that the child tested positive at time X. This gives you the right to a free PCR test in the test centers of the Senate. So we drove to Müllerstraße in Wedding, which was the closest test site for us. There we saw a very long queue. When we were looking for the end of it, we had to turn around street corners several times. There was almost no end to it. I then approached a folder and asked how long it would take. The man said that given the length of the queue, which is around two kilometers, I should expect a waiting time of no less than five hours.

So we drove to Müllerstraße in Wedding, which was the closest test site for us. There we saw a very long queue. When we were looking for the end of it, we had to turn around street corners several times. There was almost no end to it.

Mother Maren K.

So you lined up there with the seven-year-old in the drizzle? No, I immediately decided that we wouldn’t do it. It would have been difficult if we had waited an hour, but we certainly would have done it. We then drove to the Senftenberger Ring to the next test site. It looked very similar then. I then called the Senate administration and got through in about ten minutes. The woman who then spoke to me said I could try the pediatrician – there weren’t any other options. I then asked what exactly I needed the PCR test for. Because I had already done a second quick test with my son at home, which was positive again. The lady explained to me that you need the PCR test because the infection is only reported to the health department and you get a quarantine certificate. We parents, in turn, need this to submit to the employer. Or for school. And for contact tracing. For a moment I thought I’d just leave it. Especially as long as my son has no complaints. I could have isolated him for 14 days. When I listen to it like that, it was already around noon. And you’ve been around town with the positive child the whole time and you still haven’t been able to smear it? I agree. The pediatrician couldn’t help me either. He doesn’t have a lab available for PCR testing. I honestly have to say that if someone really has symptoms, you can’t do it at all. It’s not just about the child who tested positive: You can’t just assume that the parents are symptom-free. Even if, unlike us, you would drive a car. There is no way to get a parking space on Müllerstrasse. A taxi is even less of an option – also because of the driver. We took the bus, then switched to the tram and then we had to walk quite a bit because of construction work – you can only do all that if you are feeling well. Long line in front of a test center in Berlin Did you find a solution during the day to have your son tested? When we were at home, I read on the Senate website that you are also entitled to a free PCR test if you have had a positive rapid test in a commercial test center. Then you have the right to get the PCR test there free of charge. But your son did the rapid test at school…? Yes. We would not have gotten the test for free. I had previously called a test center. We would have had to pay 60 euros. We then registered our son for the afternoon at a test center in our neighborhood for the free citizen test, as if we had no previous history. As expected, the test there was positive again. We were then told that we would have to wait an hour because only then would there be free capacity for a PCR test again. We then stretched our legs outside for so long and then our son finally got his PCR test.

What should have gone better for you? You have no chance of finding out in advance how much is going on in or before the respective post-test site. That means everyone just goes there. It is also the case that there are by no means only children and young people in front of the post-testing point in Müllerstraße, which, according to the Senate website, is explicitly intended for the post-testing of daycare and school children. It was mostly young adults. In any case, it would be better if you could make an appointment for the PCR test. It doesn’t even have to be on the same day. Because it would be better with an infected – or sick – child, who is also uncertain, to be able to go to the test with pinpoint accuracy. This long queue on Müllerstrasse with potential corona cases was scary for my son. And it’s certainly difficult for the residents there too. You’re not standing somewhere in a field, but on the sidewalks in front of the residential buildings. And it would certainly be better if there were more of these test sites. How long do you have to wait for the test result now? That should come on Friday evening. I’m curious if that will be the case. I’ve heard of waiting times of up to 72 hours. Does that mean your little son is now in quarantine? First of all, all of us as close contacts. How did your son deal with the fact that he may now have Corona during the course of the day? First of all, it was difficult for him that there won’t be a result so quickly and there’s nothing you can do but wait and see. We decided to separate ourselves a bit in the individual rooms of our apartment, but put on masks and not leave him alone in one room all the time. What was very nice that my son’s teacher came to our house. She had teaching materials and school books with her, asked about my son and wished him a speedy recovery. Thank you for the interview. The interview was conducted by Sabine Priess, rbb|24 broadcast: Fritz, January 14, 2022, 6:30 a.m

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