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InfoGlobalData Launched updated Firmographic Data for the Marketers

Firmographic Data

Market segmentation turns into crucial business frameworks for today’s marketers. The advantages of market segmentations are overwhelming; it assists the marketers to plan and implement organized campaigns. Especially the firmographic segmentation is gaining significant momentum. Hence, InfoGlobalData refurbished its Firmographic Data to assists the marketers to target specific companies.


The InfoGlobalData is assisting marketers to connect with the right audiences for long years. The experts from InfoGlobalData analyze the needs of marketers and find out the targeted audiences to build the customized firmographic data. Based on the services and products the targeted companies also get changed. Hence, considering various aspects like company size, revenue, and location enables marketers to build appropriate firmographic data for their business. InfoGlobalData is taking up this responsibility to assist the marketers by developing the most appropriate firmographic data.


Firmographic data is a set of features used to segment companies and organizations into defined groups. There are many variables used by marketers to segment the data such as revenue, location, company size, and firms. Each of these variables can be chosen by the marketers based on their needs.


The incorporation of firmographic data into your marketing modules ensures you save resources such as time, money, and manpower. Indeed, it enables the marketer to target the specific group to generate multichannel campaigns. However, building highly comprehensive firmographic data takes too much time and effort. Getting access to a well verified firmographic data is a helping hand for the marketers. By understanding the need for holding comprehensive firmographic data, the InfoGlobalData has designed the most robust firmographic email list. Their service giving higher priorities for custom-built data. Hence, getting access to custom-built firmographic data is no longer a challenge for marketers.


Levi Norman, Sales Manager said, “Our services cannot be taken in front of all kinds of audiences; we need to target the healthcare companies with high revenue. The experts from InfoGlobalData helped us by giving the custom build firmographic data to generate a multichannel campaign. It gave us immense results.” The firmographic data from InfoGlobalData assist the marketers to yield maximum results from each campaign. 


About the company: InfoGlobalData is a small team of dedicated data experts; who hold a vision of providing accurate and latest B2B databases to marketers. InfoGlobalData will enable B2B marketers to find the right market and audience for effective marketing. Connect with InfoGlobalData to get relevant, customized business data.